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About Us

We at Indie Game Magazine are a team of highly motivated individuals that are interested in nothing but the gaming world. We work with commitment each day to give all those connected with the gaming world out there information on the latest developments, changes in the trends and new products that are coming up in the industry. Our association with Linking News has further boosted our services; we can now take you anywhere in the world through global press release solutions.



How are we special?

  • We have connections everywhere; we have access to all the latest information on games, videos, and apps that are being developed and released on the market. We do efficient research to provide you with correct data so that you are able to make an informed decision. Our mother company Linking News has connections across the globe that can further enhance the quality of our services.


  • We lend a helping hand to all the developers of games and apps. We at Indie Game Magazine understand that being there in front of the audience is as much important as developing the product itself. We, with the help of Linking News, the best press release distribution service to make sure your product is visible. Linking News has credible links with major news sites such as Reuters, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and many more where we can get your gaming content published. When you are seen on such reputed news sites, you are trusted by the gaming community.


  • Apart from the news sites, Linking News also has connections with over 10,000 media outlets, 30,000 journalists, and 1000 social media channels. We can literally take you across the globe, clearly giving you a perfect stage for expanding your gaming business.


  • At Indie Game Magazine, we have skilled professionals that are also highly passionate about games development. We provide all resources required for the developers at our company while Linking News takes these products in front of millions of people spread far and wide, throughout the world. People perceive these products as credible since they feature on trustworthy news sites.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide true gaming information and cater to the marketing needs of game developers through the best press release distribution service, Linking News.



Vision Statement

Our vision is to help in the global expansion of gaming businesses through efficient, guaranteed global press releases through our mother company, Linking News.