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Thread: DeadSpuds: Action Adventure Platformer

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    DeadSpuds: Action Adventure Platformer

    Our Game, DeathSpuds is a humorous action Platformer that follows the story of Jasper, a selfish, pitiless Biker who's services have been summoned in Harvest City. His mission becomes anything but simple when he discovers this city has been mutated, overgrown and infested with all sorts of creatures and Spuds with strange agendas. Then his mission takes a turn.

    Inspired by the greatest 3d platformers of our childhoods we wanted to add to the genre. It will have platforming, puzzles, adventuring and action! The style is if MediEvil, Oddworld and Pyschonauts made love and had a baby, that's the outside layer but will eventually take it's own form.

    We're striving to create an unique and funny world by mashing potatoes and the biker culture together to make an interesting and fun experience.

    We've teased some early gameplay and content on Steam Concept and it's been successful and favorable with a 5 star rating.


    Go here to follow progress on Steam: DeathSpuds Steam Concept
    Go here to follow progress on Indie DB: DeathSpuds Indie DB Page

    Our Website: Deadleaf Games
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