We're happy to show you our new game in development: Cosmonautica

We’re Chasing Carrots, a small indie developer based in Stuttgart, Germany and after our first game “Pressure” we’re putting the steering wheel and earthly restrictions aside and give you the freedom of the endless space. You will be an aspiring captain on the hunt for fame and fortune.

Cosmonautica - "The Cosmonauncement"

Cosmonautica combines elements of space trading and life simulation to create an unique experience. Only if you take good care of your crew you will be able to succeed. It's single-player but we will have global challenges and more ;) - We can't tell you about our story campaign for now, but there will be lots of stuff to do in the game.

As of now there's a Steam Greenlight Concept site steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=226567242 - please check it out, vote and spread the word if you like it.
In a few weeks we're starting to let in more people on our alpha tests. We'll give you an update on that in future updates.

And we are really looking forward to your feedback.

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