‘Scrolls’ Preview – Unravelling the Mysteries Of Mojang’s Latest Title

When people hear of Mojang only one word comes to mind, Minecraft. Minecraft was a viral sensation that in many ways felt like a game that would just not hit it off. The blocky visuals and the idea of incorporating a mining simulator that in actually underpins the game felt like it would not have much mass market appeal. On paper it’s easy to argue this game would never even make it onto the radar of any major publishers, but in reality. The gameplay is something sensational and has topped many game charts over its life time so far.


With a highly innovative and smash hit in the bag can Mojang follow this creativity with another fantastic title? Or will they be relegated to one hit wonder status. Scrolls hopes to prove Mojang can indeed continue to innovate with the best of them but can this leap into another genre really provide the studio with their next smash hit?

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