PAX Preview: ‘Go Home Dinosaurs’ – Completely Coconuts


Go Home Dinosaurs is a tower defense game from Fire Hose Games with some card collecting/deck building mechanics. Apparently, dinosaurs love BBQ and gophers use coconuts as currency – who knew?! You play as a gopher trying to defend said BBQ from these prehistoric picnic pests.

As you can tell from the premise, this game is all about silly fun and the game’s colorful graphics and cutesy characters seem geared to casual gamers. After playing through the PAX demo, I can tell you that the game is pretty easy (so far at least). Despite the casual marketing approach, there are some cool game mechanics in the game.

Before each match in Go Home Dinosaurs, you will select cards from your deck. Cards boost your gopher character and/or act as towers that you can construct. You can only bring three different tower types into a Dino Battle so choose wisely. Each tower takes up a certain number of squares and costs a certain number of coconuts.

You control the gopher by clicking on a square – the gopher will tunnel under ground and collect coconuts on that square or attack nearby dinosaurs. When the game starts, you’ll want to collect some coconuts and build towers by selecting them from the top of the screen and placing them on the game board. I particularly like how different towers take up different amounts of space on the board. This building mechanic could add a lot to the challenge in the finished game.

Go Home Dinosaurs is headed to Google’s Chrome store. Check out Fire Hose Games‘ website for more information.

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