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VRFuckDolls delivers an authentic VR POV high-quality free porno gaming experience that is definitely in a league of its own! With complete customizable sex slaves and hot horny chicks ready and willing to please your nutsack faster and better than Chick Fil aye with your order there is zero disappointment in this game, what it promises and what it delivers on. With No downloading to worry about, intense, high-quality graphics, and sound running with optional 4K, you will be amazing at just how much it truly feels like you are actually inside the sex scenes pumping your load right up into these kinky chicks! In a sea of fake ass VR POV porn games that end up being nothing more than glorified Sims, VRFuckDolls finally breaks the cycle of garbage and brings you right up inside where you want to be!

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If you haven't been lucky enough to try an excellent Virtual Reality POV adult sex game experience yet, then I have a kick-ass VR porn game review here for you that I am pretty stoked about! Adult games online are getting better, and better, it seems by the week, and each time I review one as great as this one, I realize where the internet is headed when it comes to adult sex game entertainment. We are becoming more and more immersed in the actual gaming experience, and This free porno game does a fantastic job of making you feel like you are actually inside the game cuming in real life inside all of these hot horny women that you help create from the beginning. VRFuckDolls just became my favorite customizable VR Sex game and with good reason!

First and foremost, there are a fucking shitton of these sex games online claiming to be exactly what this one is. We want to be able to customize the babes that we want to fuck thoroughly, and we want real POV fucking with both submissive and dominant possibilities in all sex scenes. I have wasted my time on many games just like this customizing what I consider to be my perfect sex fantasy fuck doll and then getting inside to realize that it was complete bullshit, and I am now playing what looks like a shit version of the sims. That is an immediate closeout of the porn game for me, and I don't waste any more time with it. That is why I was a little skeptical when I hit the front of VRFuckDolls, and the customizable girls on the front seem to be so amazingly in-depth with all the options that a horny fuck like myself could ever want. But, much to my surprise, its no bullshit, and you do get your exact character just as you designed her for the taking inside!

After you have created your fantasy fuck chick and select a few options such as how and when you want to tear up her tiny little pink holes, you then head straight into POV. I chose the dungeon scenario for my first run of this free sex game because I wanted to see just how far I could push the graphics and real-time gameplay. I can honestly say that I was not let down in the slightest. I was greeted by a hot mistress that led me down to the sex dungeon by my cock where the babe that I have just created was bound and waiting for me with her pussy spread wide and dripping all over the floor as she was fucking SOAKED from the sexual build-up of what I was about to do to her. I stood there and spanked my hard Salami all over her little clit for a while as she begged me to stick it in, but I decided to have a bit of fun first before I just started fucking her. So listen to this shit!

Since this VR sex game gives you complete control over the scenarios, I decided to use this porn game to take the opportunity to fulfill a fucked up fantasy that I have had for years. I do not think it is possible in real life, but hell, who knows. I am not lucky enough to find out anyway, so this is the next best thing. Ok, please hear me out. What if you could shove your cock up your girl's ass and stuff both your balls inside of her pussy at the same time and fuck her that way? Is that hot? Or am I just a sick weird fuck? I don't know, but to me, that would be pretty fucking fantastic feeling a warm wet tight little pussy pulsating on my balls knowing that they are nestled snugly up inside her rolling and getting ready to feed the cum up my cock shaft right up into her asshole! HAHA! Now that we know each other a little better, I can say that this VR sex game allowed me to do just that, and the chick fucken loved it even more than I did. Honestly, I am not surprised lolol!

Being a POV VR game like this, I assumed that there would be a considerable download or some specialized gear that I would need but no, nothing. No downloads, no equipment, just full high-quality animation running in browser gameplay. There are multiple options for what quality you want this game to stream in depending on your internet speed which is a massive plus as sometimes I do want to run 4K plus but If other TVs or computers in the house are down there streaming stupid shit like Frozen for the 249th time then I don't have a lot of bandwidth to play with so I can just run 1080p and still get a pretty kick-ass experience for a quick rub out! All in all, VRFuckDolls doesn't come up short because of the full customization, fantastic graphics, and complete control of the sex scenarios of pure POV style gameplay. If I have any complaints at all, it would be a lack of storyline, but with a game like this, we aren't looking for storylines. We want to create our dream girl and do everything we have ever wanted to her without interruption, and that's why this free porn sex game delivers perfectly!

9Expert Score
VRFuckDolls is the ultimate in hyper-realistic adult sex game!
VRFuckDolls is a super intense high-quality POV sex game with fully customizable babes and sex scenes that grant you full control of your kinkiest fantasies in ultra-immersive sex gameplay!
  • True POV Game Play
  • Fully Customizable Sex Partners
  • True 4k and HD Options
  • No Downloads
  • Extreme Sex Scenarios
  • Hyper-Realistic Animation
  • Less Storylines than some
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