A Detailed Review of Skyforge

Skyforge is one of the most popular PC games for players in 2020 and stands out as one of the best MMORPGs today. The game features an exclusive class system, admirable early game, as well as a world that is unlike any other. Skyforge is an exciting mix of high fantasy and crazy sci-fi, making it an absolute treat for players.

Often touted as one of the best MMORPGs in recent times, Skyforge has dedicated fans who love the other-worldly feel offered by this game. In this review of Skyforge, you can find out all of its best features, as well as some of its drawbacks. Read on to know more.

The storyline

Skyforge is praised by players all over for its captivating storyline, which lets you immerse yourself in another dimension.

The game begins in the capital of Aelion, where you come alive as an immortal soldier. A brief scene plays out where you begin a conversation with Herida, the goddess of the immortals, who tells you that you recently died in battle and then were resurrected. The story continues further to showcase that Aelion was a free world once upon a time, and it was protected by Aeli, the god of the land. Aeli disappeared one day and put the world in danger by leaving it vulnerable to hostile gods.

At this point, you will be introduced to the purpose of the game. As an immortal soldier, you team up with other immortals like yourself, as well as other lesser gods, and set out on a journey to protect Aelion. In the end, you can become a god yourself.

Control and gameplay

Skyforge establishes a multi-class system as one of its main draws. Such a feature is undoubtedly very interesting when it is incorporated into the MMORPG format. The feature allows you to thoroughly enjoy the game during group combat, especially because you can switch up your class based on what your group needs at any given time.

When you switch classes, you don’t lose out on all the stats you gained in your base class. These stats carry on to the next class you choose. Such a feature rejects the need for ‘alts,’ which allows you to feel accomplished in moving from one class to another. Here, you have to note that you cannot undo character stats. Once you have manipulated your character, you cannot go back and delete it.

Overall, the game has 13 classes to choose from. To build up the excitement of the game, all classes are not available to the player right in the beginning. To start with, you will only have three classes to choose from. As the game progresses, you will be able to gain more classes to choose from, which is certainly a plus when dealing with the same enemies.

How do you become a god?

One of the most interesting features of Skyforge is its ‘Ascension Atlas’ progression. This feature gives you thousands of different ways to customize and build your character. The Ascension Atlas consists of two stages – one is the class-specific lower level, and the other is the larger main level classes. Players can continue playing the game to unlock the higher-level classes. Interestingly, you are not required to move in a linear path, because you can also choose to unlock any class with another class.

Although this feature may come across as confusing the first few times you play the game, it gets easier to understand soon enough. Once you make your way through the Ascension Atlas, you can move on to the Order System – which is the part of the game where you get to be a god.

Here, you will be able to create your own clan, gather up followers, and get them to build sanctuaries around the land of Aelion. As there are many choices with how you can do this, you can build a number of different and unique paths. For this reason, Skyforge gives the player a feeling of limitless gameplay and progression, which is a plus.

If you are a serious player, you may find it quite disappointing to find that the game caps your progression on a weekly basis. This feature does not sit well with a lot of players, but if you are just playing casually, it may not even be much of a bother to you.

In addition to this, the in-game combat is not completely up to the mark. You will be combating with a line up of enemies that change up often, but the characters and their abilities do not show much diversity. Some of the basic attack moves in the game can become monotonous, but you will still be able to learn new moves fairly quickly. The PvP mode within the game makes dodging ineffective because of lapses in tab-targeting abilities.

Graphics and features

The world of Aelion is fascinating in itself. The developers have worked excellently on the graphics to give the game a truly immersive feel. The game has nailed the sci-fi fantasy atmosphere in a way that is not too gaudy or over-the-top. This lends the game an evergreen look and feel, which is a plus for the long term. The backgrounds throughout the game look realistic, with adequate lighting and well-suited colors to complement the images. You can certainly tell that the game was developed with lots of attention to detail, which can clearly be experienced by players who play the game in lower quality settings as well.

What are the drawbacks?

Skyforge is not particularly lacking in any must-haves and is better than a lot of games out there. But with that being said, there are a few aspects of the game that could use some help.

As you play over time, the story of Aelion begins to unravel, revealing more about the magical world. The cut scenes will show characters talking quite a bit, all of which move the storyline forward. As you watch these, you will see that the characters’ lip movements are very fast, which looks overly-animated the more you notice it. The lip movements don’t exactly sync up with the dialogue, which can throw players in a loop.

The writing work is notable but can feel a bit mundane at times. The characters don’t use unique or exciting titles, which can leave experienced gamers wanting more. Improvements in writing and voicework can elevate the game and make it worthy of its incredible graphics and backdrops.

In addition to this, the soundtrack of the game is not very note-worthy either. The game uses an orchestral melody, which can feel worn out once you begin to play the game frequently.


The makers of Skyforge intended to give players the god-like feel and power, which they were successful at delivering. The various new elements that are incorporated into the game from time to time make the gameplay intriguing.

Although the game will feel quite overwhelming at first, it offers all these options so that the player does not feel bored or restricted as and when they begin to play. Once you get past the initial confusion, you will hardly be let down. The game will thrill you in new and interesting ways, which will leave you wanting more.

The highlight of the game is certainly the multi-class system that allows players to pick and choose the level they want to play at. Players can feel a sense of freedom by not being restricted to a certain class.

The customization of characters offered by Skyforge is also a fan-favorite. You can not only change your character physically, but you can also switch up their strategic moves as and when needed. The variety of customization options makes players feel one with the character and allows them to explore whatever they wish to be in the world of Aelion.

Another one of the best features of Skyforge is its early game. It allows you to pick and choose your tasks and offers excellent rewards along the way.

As a player, it is not often that an MMORPG game offers more than just fun and intense action. Skyforge offers its players an admirable learning curve, which is one of the main reasons why players choose to come back for more.

While most players would opt to check out this game for its eye-catching graphics, what really pulls you in is the storyline. Players feel a gratifying sense of freedom, which is complemented with the main mission to achieve god-like status. With each passing game, you will be yearning to find out more and more about this incredible world, all the more reason for you not to want to log off. Kudos to the creators for that!

If you choose to overlook some of the minor setbacks in this game, there is no doubt that Skyforge is one of the most interesting and well-made MMORPGs in recent times. The makers sure get additional brownie points for originality. Go ahead and download Skyforge today to experience all of its glory!

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