The Top 25 Best N64 Game You Should Play

Till date, even a dummy finds it rather easy to figure out that the “N” in N64 represents Nintendo, but not many get to figure out what “64” really means. Nintendo 64 is home video game console brought to life under the creation and auspices of Nintendo and it is marked 64 for its 64-bit central processing unit. In this well-researched article, we summarizing the list of all best n64 games those game lovers finding in Nintendo games.

Regardless of the fact that the Nintendo 64 franchise was dissolved in 2002 after its inception in 1996 doesn’t stop it from being remembered for the thrills and great memories it left in the hearts of gamers.

Here is the list of 25 Best N64 games forever according to mine research.

#25. The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda undoubtedly passes for one of N64’s greatest masterpieces of all time. Its fantasy persona was wrapped by the name; “Ocarina of Time”, which breeds profound excitement in the heart of the gamer. This N64 masterpiece shouldered the pride of being released on a 256-megabit (32- megabyte) cartridge, which was the largest capacity produced by Nintendo as at that time. The fantasy world of Hyrule and the adventurous quest to conquer Ganondorf, King of Gerudo tribe stirs the uniqueness of this gaming initiative. Also, The Legend of Zelda’s engaging power-packed action thrills made it a blessing to the gaming world; it’s inarguably one of the top N64 games so far.

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#24. Super Mario


Super Mario was perhaps the best thing to ever happen to early three-dimensional (3D) gamers. The surreal odyssey that carried gamers through exploring Princess Peaches’ castle continues to give every gamer soothing nostalgic recollection. Who would have thought polygons could play a greater character rather than just being an elementary mathematical topic? The 3D polygons gave this N64 game its uniqueness. Looking at it through a realistic spec, Super Mario projects great life lessons about obstacles and overcoming them with its visual style and gaming structure. It literally gives a gamer a sense of purpose to overcome obstacles. N64 birthed Super Mario through the creative mind of Shigeru Miyamoto in1993, which also clashed with the production of Star Fox.

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#23. Super Smash Bros

Super Mash Bros

Super Smash Bros came in the early phase of 1991 to the Japanese gamers on January 21. Its release, of course, made North American gamers green with envy until April 26 as a result of the time difference between the release dates. Super Smash Bros scored it conspicuously from a crossover between several N64 games franchise: The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Metroid, F-Zero, Mother, Kirby, and Pokémon. Just imagine having all these characters to choose from and navigate the epic adventures of hazard, damages, recoveries, and battles. It’s indeed a magical thrill for a gamer. No one could argue the credibility and fairness when it was given an Editor’s Choice Award from IGN for the “Best Fighting Game”.

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#22. Mario Kart

Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 was tagged by many as the racers companion. It is amazing how Nintendo succeeded in transforming to polygon-based true 3D computer graphics for track design and the inclusion of four-player support. Mario Kart 64 has four available modes for gamers: Grand Prix, Time Trial, Versus and Battle. The Grand Prix mode supports both single player and multiplayer; which gives a gamer the chance to play alone or decide to experience the thrills with a couple of friends while they feed on some Pizza and drinks. The Time Trial, Versus and Battle mode only support single player; which limits a gamer to enjoy the thrilling adventure all by himself. Well, he could also pick Pizza and a couple of drinks as his companions.

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#21. Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Conkers Bad Fur Day

Conker’s Bad Fur Day is known for its obstacles, puzzles and fighting enemies. This N64 creation somehow portrays a contemporary narrative as it follows the story of Conker the squirrel who attempts to return to his girlfriend. Undoubtedly, a lot of gamers can relate to it due to its romantic backbone. Apart from portraying a contemporary narrative, it was specifically created and designed for a mature audience as it involves clips of graphic violence, alcohol consumption, profanity, vulgar humor, and pop culture references. All these are being done to create a surreal experience and establish a believability trend in the gaming world. This makes gamers overly invested in its captivating relatable digital experiences.

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#20. Spiderman


Spiderman’s fame in the motion picture department is downright inarguable. Based on the Marvel comic book series, The Amazing Spiderman, Spiderman was developed for the game world by various gaming systems but the N64 version has forever left a mark on every player’s heart and left a mark as one of the top N64 games to have been created. It almost makes a gamer feel as though he is rewriting his own version of the original comic story while playing because of how the game is perfectly developed in a unique fashion that draws a gamer into every bit of it. The Spiderman game is objective driven as the gamer gets to control Spiderman as he goes through each level, executing specific objectives. Gamers cannot but always remember the limited supply of web-cartridges that’s built for the purpose of attacking enemies. N64’s Spiderman lives forever.

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#19. Golden Eye 007

Golden Eye 007

Golden Eye 007 is another cinematic masterpiece adopted into a game. Those who are familiar and are lovers of the character, James Bond can vibe will with this gaming experience because of the cinematic perspective it was created from. It features a single-player campaign in which players shoulder the role of British Secret Intelligence Service Agent in fighting against national corruption. Gamers are provided with a split-screen multiplayer mode in which up to four players can compete in different types of deathmatch games. Gamers get to see some cinematic features, gadgets, and gimmicks that featured in the real film; which gives a better gaming experience; Pistols, Submachine guns, Assault rifles, Grenades and throwing knives among others.

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#18. Banjo Kazooie

Banjo Kazooie

Banjo Kazooie is built to be played from a third person perspective. Can you imagine playing a game playing a game from a third person perspective? Whatever happened to the first person and second person perspective? Banjo Kazooie is split into nine levels where the player must gather musical notes and Jigsaw pieces called “Jiggies” to progress to the next level. Solving puzzles, jumping over obstacles, collecting items and defeating opponents are the interesting highlights that take a gamer on the platform video game adventure. Banjo Kazooie’s creation dates back to 1998 as it was developed Rare and originally released for the Nintendo 64 Video Game Console.

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#17. Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark

In the gaming world, it is generally believed that the most exciting part of Perfect Dark is the upgrade from the initial version to an advance version. Perfect Dark took its cue from Goldeneye 007 as they share many gameplay similarities. Perfect Dark runs on an upgraded version that engages the gamer in a more extraordinary and advanced way than its predecessor, Goldeneye 007did. The high-resolution graphics mode, widescreen support, and Dolby Sound are by far unparalleled in the gaming world. Perfect Dark is a mission-based gaming experience that takes the gamer in a first-person shooter journey. It also features three multiplayer systems which test the player’s team affiliation and skill level.

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#16. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64 is a rescue mission adventure game designed to explore how the Gorilla Donkey Kong navigates the levels of an island to collect items and rescue his kidnapped friends from King K. Rool. Perhaps the reason for the creation f this adventure masterpiece is to teach players the value of friendship and the sacrifices that should be invested into a true friendship. It was no surprise when Donkey Kong 64 won E3 Game Critics award for best platform game in 1993; the game was indeed well deserved for the astonishing brilliance behind it. You wouldn’t be wrong to submit that Donkey Kong 64 earned the remarkable credits from players and critics because of its structure which doesn’t confine the player to complete objectives in any order. The player can fast travel between sections of the level in no particular order.

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#15. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil is an apocalyptic survival game which focused on world been turned to zombies by a biological weapon which leads to conflicts and views different characters surviving and exploring different storylines. This version of game in its early days sold millions of copy even before it was later revised to suit other gameplay modes for the gamer to enjoy. Though in its early days, the voice acting, controls, puzzles, etc received criticism that didn’t stop it from making waves and make the game world yearning for more. Resident Evil takes a firm stand amongst the best N64 games.

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#14. Bomberman

Bomberman 64

If you don’t know about the Bomberman series, that means you’re not a 90’s kid. During it’s time, Bomberman was one of the glorified games and speaking of Bomberman 64 which hit the game world in 2001 in 3D(the first of its kind in 3D) was a game that can’t be sidelined. The classic action/adventure Bomberman game developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo is created for both single and multiplayer mode where the player controls Bomberman to save his world from the space pirate (Artemis) and his partners after they came with their fortress in the planet of the Bomberman. It’s all we’d all do if we were in his shoes. Bomberman made friends and enemies during his quest but that’s the fun of the game, you won’t see anything coming.

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#13. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Star Wars Rogue Squadron

What comes to your mind when you hear Star Wars? Nothing but the thrilling rivalry between Luke Skywalker and Dart Vader, right? Guess what, Luke Skywalker was still happy to have a dad even if it was Dart Vader. Star Wars Rogue Squadron was created to allow the player to control Luke Skywalker, commander of the elite X-wing pilot, known as Rogue Squadron. Skywalker and Rogue Squadron go on a mission to fight the galactic empire in sixteen missions across various planets. Let’s not forget about the nine bonus power-ups that are hidden in different levels throughout the game and how player performance statistics are checked after every level in the game. Star Wars Rogue Squadron is probably the best thing to ever happen to the Star Wars movie fans.

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#12. Star Wars (Shadow of the Empire)

Star Wars Shadow of the Empire

What’s not to remember? Is it the awesome vehicular combat sequences or how the mercenary, Dash Rednar helps Luke Skywalker in the rescue of Princess Leia from Prince Xizor’s hands? There is so much to remember about Shadow of the Empire. In 1997, it scored the credit of being the third top-selling N64 game, with more than one million copies sold. Snowspeeder, The Outrider, The High-Speed chase sequence on swoop bikes and the epic elimination of enemy gang before reaching every destination is a blow gamer can’t possibly recover from.

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#11. WWF Wrestle Mania 2000

WWF Wrestle Mania 2000

Just when the world could not get enough of The Big Show, Mankind, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker and of course, Vince McMahon, N64 decided to shock the world with this masterpiece; taking gamers through the professional wrestling world as they combat with their pads. The most amazing feature in WWF Wrestle Mania 2000 is probably the fact that a player is able to create a highly detailed wrestler with an extensive library of wrestling moves. Imagine how awesome being able to create a player for oneself with all the amazingly mad wrestling moves at one’s disposal.

That’s literally more like giving a player the ability to be God right? The plot structure is not complex and it’s very straightforward; there are no branching storylines; players basically, just have to fight and win or not. Oh yes, what about the smackdown?  There’s indeed a lot to say about WWF Wrestle Mania 2000.

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#10. Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem

Speaking of Historical games Duke Nukem can never be left in the garbage. Duke Nukem which was also that has a sequel. Duke Nukem I, Duke Nukem II, Duke Nukem 3D, and Duke Nukem Forever. But since we are trying to make the 20’s kid jealous, we are talking about all the Duke Nukem’s except Nukem forever which was released 2011. Talk of first-class graphics, humor, and unforgettable movie references, this game is definitely one of a kind.

Duke Nukem I and II was a two-dimensional platform game which was compatible IBM PC and featured 320×200, 16 color EGA graphics with vertical and horizontal scrolling. The company released different episodes two this game which made fans like me go wild. Duke Nukem II was about four times larger than Duke Nukem I while Duke Nukem III was a great success not just because it was in 3D, first-person shooter but for a whole lot of reasons. But it’s definitely one game to reminisce about.

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#9. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Turok Dinosaur Hunter

Speaking of the awesome Nintendo 64 game that boosted Nintendo sales, this one here is magical. It’s a first-person shooter game that focuses on the protagonist Turok a native American who was trying to stop an evil conqueror from dominating the universe with an ancient and powerful weapon (Dinosaur). Turok was originally a comic book that was created sometime in 1954 before it was later bought and adapted into a video game in the tear 1994. Dinosaur Hunter is a three dimensional (3D) computer game which comprises of gaming techniques called Run and Gun with exploration mechanics. Turok is gifted with various weapons and enemy strength vary and enemies die faster depending on where the player shoots. This game is what I prefer calling “Too much fun”

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#8. Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini

Let’s talk intergalactic adventure and saving a galaxy who have been enslaved by the “Dark Intescoid Tyrant” Mizar and his army. It was created by the same Genius that worked on Dirty Kong Racing Paul Mountain. This game was mostly influenced by the Nintendo’s Super Mario which Jet Force background and the setting were focused on. It is a third-person shooter video game and even though they borrowed ideas and elements from non-games sources which one of the crew creators admitted that they borrowed from star wars, Stargate and a battle of the planets, but that never stopped the game from being a classic. Three characters destroying a jet force of Mizar fun and fun that can’t be sidelined.

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#7. Winback


Also known as operation Winback is also a Third-person shooter video game which arrived in Nintendo in 1999. This game story focuses on a secret agent trying to infiltrate a Command center and do lots and lots of James Bond related actions, and the endings depend on how long it takes the player to reach the control room, so if you end up playing the game my only advise for you is to “Run Barry Run”. Even though the Play station version received more favorable reviews than the Nintendo version due to the improved graphics, Bot mode, and a standard multiplayer mode, it didn’t stop we 90’s kids to enjoy the Nintendo version that was released in 1999.

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#6. Star Fox

Star Fox

This masterpiece is what I prefer calling “Double fun”. Why? Because it has both third-person shooter (rail shooter) and also a first-person shooter and by that, I’m talking from the 3D perspective. Just imagine yourself being in a fictional world where you’d have to eliminate different enemies (robot, creatures, and spaceships) and maybe your reality if you get obsessed with the game. What makes this game unique is also the usage of an animal protagonist, and like the name implies “Star Fox”, usage of a fox, and not just fox. It includes birds, rabbit’s frogs, and apes.  To keep the plot short, a scientist was banished from one planet and he decided to wage war on the other but the Super Star Fox wouldn’t let him have his wish. So there you have it. One of the classics we 90’s kid enjoyed.

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#5. Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing

Enough talk about shooting games let’s talk about the adrenaline boost type of game, and that is no other than Diddy Kong Racing. Obviously it’ a racing game where the player has to pick one of the eight characters provided and has a player you only have access to only three vehicles; a car, hovercraft, and a plane. This game held 88% aggregate score upon release on both GameRankings and Metacritic. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just go back in time to our days and you’d understand. This masterpiece sold approximately 4.5 million copies worldwide and I guess that enough to convince you that this game was a treasure in our own time. Don’t mind me that I keep mentioning 90’s, that’s when things were fun.

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#4. Rayman2: The Great Escape

Rayman2 The Great Escape

Zombies, Tyrants, and Invasion. That was what most games were based back in the days and this was also one of it. I really wish I could keep saying the same of this platform game but it wouldn’t make any sense since you’d be reading it rather than hearing me say it. This game is played in a third person perspective like some other N64 games. The player has control over the camera but not in all situation anyway and it also has angle limitations and sometimes you’ll just lose control when showing a conversation between characters.

This video game was widely published on different platforms which might make each one vary from the other. But trust me I played it all. The big Bad Admiral Razorbeard, conqueror of hundreds of planets was trying to take over Glade of Dreams, don’t let me go too far. You know the rest the good ones wouldn’t let people like Thanos ruin our planet for us. Whatever it takes.

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#3. F-Zero X

F-Zero X

Even though it was a sequel to the F-Zero game, it was also the first F-Zero to include 3D graphics. This game has different game modes with (Tim attack, Death race, etc just like some other classic racing games. The player goes against 29 racers with only one goal in mind “Don’t wreck your car”. Just kidding, it’s becoming the winner of the race through three laps. Player gets points after the race, and like other car race, you can train yourself on different race tracks. This game is futuristic and our minds were blown away after its release in the late ’90s. There are lots and lots of exciting things in the game that you wouldn’t expect; sometimes I just wish I hadn’t aged. Or have I?

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#2. Pokémon Snap

Pokémon Snap

For those of us that have been in these universes for quite a while, from the Stone Age, the 90’ (glory days) and the 21st century you’ll know Pokémon is larger than life. Now speaking like true N64 addicts. Pokémon Snap is a simulation game and also a first-person rail shooter… (I’m kind of getting tired of saying, just play these games. Please!). It was supposed to be released as a Nintendo64DD but had to be moved due to delay. The main Protagonist Todd snap who is a Pokémon photographer was called to Pokémon Island… You know what? Play the Game. It made millions for Nintendo and made me personally go wild as a kid who loves N64 games.

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#1. Excitebike


The game comes in the year 2000, it was the first of its series and its 3D, which allows a player to choose from 6 riders in a 20 track season mode which unlocks more tracks and features while you complete the previous. Its features include great speed, bike tricks and lots more that can make you forget to eat for a whole day, not even a toilet break. It also has a memory which allows the player to continue from where he stopped.

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This list only includes 25 but there are lot and lot we haven’t even explored in the world of N64 games.

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Cheers 🙂

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