Transcendence Review


‘Chasing Aurora’ Preview – Catching Flight

One of the ten finalists at the first A MAZE. Indie Connect, Chasing Aurora was noted for its sumptuous artstyle and zen-like gameplay that attested to the dream of many: flight. It’s a 2D sidescrolling aerial action game in which you control a bird ...

Neon Zone Review


Courier of the Crypts Preview – Fight the Waning Light

Courier of the Crypts is a game about managing your limitations. You don’t have a torch that will last forever, nor weapons you can fire whenever you like, nor a body that can take much of a beating. You have to work with the tools at hand and use ...

‘Cloudberry Kingdom’ Preview – Try To Keep Up

Don’t be frightened! It’s not as bad as it looks – though I can’t promise that. Seriously though, you’ve probably seen some gameplay or a screenshot of Cloudberry Kingdom and either had to loosen your pants or shook your head with disapproval. ...

‘The Night Of The Rabbit’ Review – Hoppily Ever After

The basic ingredients for a great game are as follows: enjoyable gameplay, engaging narrative, and aesthetically pleasing, well-planned design choices. Add to that a dollop of magic, a plethora of content, and a sprinkling of childhood nostalgia ...

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