Cities Skylines: Mods You’ll Love to Keep Playing

The game and the mods

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Simulation games are very popular, and within this genre, city sim games have many fans. These games allow players to build a city of their own and then manage the city. One of the popular city sim games is Cities Skylines. This game from Paradox Interactive achieved success, with more than six million copies being sold. The game allows players to use mods to change the original features. These mods enhance the city and make gameplay all the more interesting.

Here’s a list of the top mods that you will enjoy for sure:

  1. Loading Screen Mod

The loading screen mod will help you improve the time taken to load the game. As you install more and more mods, you will find the time for the game to load increase. This can be a bit frustrating. Install this mod and watch your game loading speed-up.

  1. Roundabout Mod

Roundabouts are essential in cities. They help to keep traffic under control. When the city you create in the game starts growing large, traffic problems will become common. Building a roundabout helps you to manage the flow of traffic easily. The Roundabout mod will allow you to do this easily.

  1. Citizen Tracker

Sim games not only allow you to build a grand city but makes you the boss of the city. As the boss, you need to keep an eye on your citizens to manage the city better. The Citizen tracker app can help you track all your citizens easily. You can tag your citizens so that you can trace them wherever they are. This is a good mod for city management.

  1. Flight Simulator

Flight simulators are one of the most popular sim games that allow you to simulate the flying of an airplane. You can now bring in a flight sim element into your city sim game. Install the Flight Cimulator mod, and you can take control of a plane and make it soar over the city and land it. An enjoyable mod.

  1. Traffic Report

Traffic is a major problem in all cities. As the person running the city, you need to understand the problem. The Traffic Report mod will give you a complete report on the traffic in the city. It helps you understand traffic flow on roads and the paths taken by vehicles. This will help you understand congestion points, so you can work on clearing them.

  1. Bulldoze it!

A sim game is not about just building skyscrapers; you may even need to demolish it. For various reasons, you may want to bring down a building or an entire block of buildings. This is a great option when you have abandoned buildings or buildings damaged in a fire. The Bulldoze it! mod allows you to bring down such buildings automatically without having to do anything.

  1. Agricultural Field

This mod allows you to add a variety of agricultural fields to your city to help your citizens grow crops. There are five types of fields to choose from. This mod allows you to turn your city or a part of it into a green area, enhancing the natural beauty of your city and giving more oxygen for your residents.


  1. Ultimate Skyscraper

Skyscrapers are what defines the city’s skyline. Adding skyscrapers to the ‘Cities skyline’ is now easy, thanks to the Ultimate Skyscraper mod. There are a variety of skyscrapers that this mod offers. You can even add real-life skyscrapers to your city, like the Sears Tower. You can even add the Avengers Tower to your city skyline.

  1. Real World Cities Maps

Cities Skylines allows you to create your own city. You can build a city with its own landmarks. In case you don’t want to do this and want to borrow a real city, the Real World Cities Maps mod gives you this functionality. You can add cities from Poland, Italy, or anywhere else in the world. You can take an existing city and redesign it in your own way.

  1. Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars mod allows you to take the game to outer space. Using this mod, you can build your city on Mars. There are two ways of playing this. One is as a scenario, where you build a colony and then connect it with a space elevator to earth. The other way is to add Mars as a map and build a Martian city.


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