‘Drink, Shoot, Survive’ Previews Survival In The Wild West

While sounding like the average Saturday night out for some of you, Drink, Shoot Survive is actually about surviving the wild west in a shirt and tie. Maybe it’s about a Sunday morning hangover then> Or a trip to work on a Monday morning in which you took a shortcut which ended up being a completely wrong turn? How else does a man get lost in the wild west, with a gun and in a shirt and tie?


Whatever the back story to this may be, we’re grateful for the resulting game due to its testament to the survival genre. With only six bullets in your revolver and a lack of water, things are going to start off pretty tough, but start mixing with the locals and you may luck out. There are small towns to find with small civilians to poke your gun at, and bandits who you can enter into a gunfight with (at your own risk) or attempt to initiate a peaceful negotiation.


We are getting a little ahead of development now though, as can be read on the development blog, most of what we outline exists only as an ideas list rather than having been implemented in game already. Still, we do love a good romp around the wild west, trying to find water, carrying out dangerous tasks for people and horses! Please let there be horses!


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