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Exit the Gungeon is the latest fast-paced, arcade-like dungeon climber game on Nintendo Switch. It is a spin-off of the adventures of the Gungeoneers in Enter the Gungeon.

The goal is to survive the collapsing dungeon by going through a countless wave of enemies, a massive hell or bullets, and a series of increasingly dangerous elevators. Veteran Gungeoneers will get to know that the game is much more fast-paced than Enter the Gungeon. The runs are significantly shorter and smaller as well. As you start to play the game, you will quickly realize that no two attempts at the game are the same because there are different routes for each character. The level designs and enemies are random, which means that you never know what to expect at any run.

The game was initially released on September 17, 2019, on Apple Arcade. It is now officially available for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch as of March 17, 2020. It was created by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital.

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Here are some interesting features that you should know about Exit the Gungeon:

1. Gungeoneers

Gungeoneers are the characters that you use to explore the Gungeon. There are four default Gungeoneers – The Marine, The Hunter, The Convict, and The Pilot. Each of these Gungeoneers has unique starting items that you can use at the start of the game. These characters are all carried over from Enter the Gungeon. You can unlock three more – The Bullet, The Cultist, and The Robot once you exit the Gungeon successfully.

The game describes that each of the Gungeoneers has a dark past burdened by deep regret. They are all in search of a way to change their past by exiting the Gungeon. This fuels them with courage and desperation to dive through the collapsing dungeon, flaming walls, and countless enemies to make it to their goal alive.

2. Bosses

Bosses are tough enemies that Gungeoneers must defeat to proceed to the next level. Most of these bosses are from Enter the Gungeon – back with a vengeance. Upon defeating a boss, you will get several Hegemony credits, a gun or an item of random quality, and two pickups.

The bosses in Exit the Gungeon are highly dependent on patterns. Once you get to know their patterns, you can avoid their attacks. If you are able to kill a boss without taking any damage, it will drop a Master Round, which will increase your max HP.

Once you defeat a boss, you will be taken to an area where you can rest and spend your money on upgrades or new weapons. However, this is not a checkpoint, and you will have to start all over again if you die in the game.

3. Hats

Hats are one of the new additions in Exit the Gungeon. These items are only for cosmetic purposes that players can use to alter their style. You will receive your first three hats after the initial training with Ser Manuel at the start of the game. The rest of the hats can be bought only after you unlock Hattori (an NPC).

There are 34 hats in total that can be bought in the game. You need to collect Hegemony credits that drop from enemies and bosses to buy these hats.

4. Skins

Skins, Costumes, or Vestments can be bought from Snails in the Underbreach after he is rescued. A key bought from the Resourceful Rat will enable you to rescue him. There are two alternate skins for each character in Exit the Gungeon.

The first alternate skins cost 50 Hegemony credits and are all carried over from Enter the Gungeon. The second alternate skins cost 100 Hegemony credits and are unique to Exit the Gungeon. You can get the second alternate skins once you successfully exit the Gungeon.

5. NPCs

The NPCs in Exit the Gungeon play a crucial role in the game. Each NPC has a particular purpose of helping you progress further in the game. A large number of NPCs are vendors that sell guns, hats, and other items. Most of the NPCs appear randomly, but some of them need to be unlocked for you to buy new items. You can unlock each NPC as you level up in the game.

A notable NPC in the game is Ser Manuel, who will teach you how to survive the Gungeon. He also occasionally appears in secret rooms to gift players with an item or a gun.

6. Achievements

There are a number of achievements that you need to get to unlock some features in the game. Most of these achievements are easy to achieve. For example, completing the tutorial or leveling up to a new elevator. Some of them are more challenging and will take you multiple tries to get the achievement. For example, to unlock the Bait Launcher, you need to activate the Beast Master achievement. You can achieve this by completing the game with Beast mode on.

7. Routes

Each of the Gungeoneers has a unique route that is assigned to them. These routes are made specifically for them by Tailor, the Tinker. There is a bouncing elevator on the 5th floor of every route.

Here are the elevators for each of the seven characters:


Elevator 1 – Normal
Elevator 2 – Side buttons
Elevator 3 – Balloons
Elevator 4 – Flying/Space Turtle
Elevator 5 – Bouncing


Elevator 1 – Norma
Elevator 2 – 5 Doors
Elevator 3 – Train/Tank
Elevator 4 – Normal
Elevator 5 – Bouncing


Elevator 1 – Normal
Elevator 2 – Hole
Elevator 3 – Rising Danger
Elevator 4 – Platforming
Elevator 5 – Bouncing


Elevator 1 – Normal
Elevator 2 – Pistons
Elevator 3 – Worm/Wall
Elevator 4 – Attacking
Elevator 5 – Bouncing


Elevator 1 – Hole
Elevator 2 – Pistons
Elevator 3 – Train/Tank
Elevator 4 – Side Buttons
Elevator 5 – Bouncing


Elevator 1 – Balloons
Elevator 2 – Attacking
Elevator 3 – Worm/Wall
Elevator 4 – Platforming
Elevator 5 – Bouncing


Elevator 1 – Flying/Space Turtle
Elevator 2 – Hole
Elevator 3 – Train/Tank
Elevator 4 – 5 Doors
Elevator 5 – Bouncing

Some of these elevators are the same, but they may differ in appearance. For example, the Pilot’s Balloon elevators have normal balloons, but the Cultist’s Balloon elevator has burning balloons.

Once your character completes its route once, you can switch to other characters’ routes by interacting with the Route Switcher.

8. Enemies

The enemies will try their best to stop you from getting out of the Gungeon. The enemies are also known as Cult of the Gundead. They come from above and below, spawning in on different levels of the elevator. This means that bullets will fly from every way, making it a complete bullet hell. These massive bullets have proven to be the most exciting part for the players seeking a challenge.

There are certain enemies who also have their special Jetpack variants that behave identically to their grounded counterparts, except that they can fly using their jets.

Though it may seem punishing, once you exit the Gungeon, it is rewarding in its own right. This makes working your way out much harder than working your way into the Gungeon. When you don’t take damage from these enemies, it increases your combo meter and pulls in stronger guns for you to use.

9. Weapons

There is an ever-changing blessed weapon gifted to you by the magic of the Sorceress at the start of the game. At each run, your gun will be blessed. This means that your gun will randomly change as time goes on. Every 10 to 15 seconds, you get a new weapon. Some weapons are better than others, and some will only give you minimal damage. The pool of weapons that you have depends on the combo level that you have. The higher the level, the more the chances of getting a powerful weapon.

You will find countless weapons at your disposal in the game. There are many guns and items that are from Enter the Gungeon, but not all. The creators have cut out the ones that would not make an impact in this new fast-paced game. Some have been altered to work better, and the developers are working on updating the game with some classics as well as new ones unique to Exit the Gungeon.


Exit the Gungeon is a much faster game than Enter the Gungeon. Even though it is a smaller game, it is still content-rich and includes most features from Enter the Gungeon that veteran Gungeoneers will appreciate. It does not include booster packs or micro-transitions of any kind. Game Trailer 2

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