Here Are The Best Mods for Napoleon: Total War

Mods for Napoleon: Total War

Napoleon is a strategy game that is a part of the Total War series of games developed by The Creative Assembly. The game, available for Windows and Mac OS platforms, was released in 2010 and has been successful. The game has four campaigns, all of which revolve around Napoleon’s career as a master military strategist. Like most popular games, this one too has a number of mods that add extra features to the game, making it more enjoyable.

The best mods in the game have been compiled and are listed for you to try. You are sure to have a great time trying out all these mods.

  1. DarthMod Napoleon
    DarthMod is a popular game modder, and his mod for this game brings about many innovative features into it. The enemy AI is improved, making the game more challenging. At the same time, there are new formations to use in battle, and many special effects are added. Two-hundred new units add a new element of excitement, thanks to this mod.
  2. The Great War
    When you play this mod, the game moves ahead from the Napoleon era and takes you into the Great war, that is, the first World War. Instead of the French army on horses, you have columns of soldiers with guns, machine guns, and even flame throwers. The battle is more exciting with elements of modern warfare. This mod gives you a completely new experience while playing the game.
  3. Masters of Europe
    This mod is a result of the effort of two well-known modders. When you play through this mod, it adds new features to the game units, making them more realistic and in line with real history. The battles and weapons used are truly reminiscent of the Napoleonic period. Historical accuracy is ensured through this mod, giving it an advantage over the original game. There are 39 new factions included in the game, and you can expect hours of interesting gameplay.
  4. Revolution: Order of War
    This mod retains the French background to the game but takes it forward by many years. From the Napoleonic era, the game moves forward to the time of the French Revolution. You can play either on the side of the rebels or with the troops supporting the king. There are new units in the game and new gameplay elements. Enemy units have improved AI, making this mod interesting as well as challenging.
  5. The Khartum and Zulu mod
    The Sudan war that took place in the 1880s is brought to life, thanks to this mod. The Zulu movie is a popular war movie, and this mod will surely be liked by fans of the movie. There are new units added to the game with the British and Zulu units preparing for a confrontation. The campaign is focused around the Sudan war and brings in a completely new gameplay element. These new features make the game more interesting to play.
  6. Additional Units mod
    If you are bored of playing the game with the same old units, then here is a mod that adds a host of new units to the game. New units bring in new weapons, new skills, and new combat tactics. This mod introduces 48 additional units into the game. Needless to say, all these bring in new features into the game, making it all the more fun to play. You can even use this game with the Darthmod to enhance its functionality.
  7. Additional Battle Maps
    If you were looking for new battle maps to make the game different and unique, then you will definitely like this mod. The mod brings you new maps with new elements to make the game interesting. The battles of Waterloo, Austerlitz, and Borodino are added to the game with this mod. You are sure to have a great time trying out the new maps as you play this game.
  8. Napoleonic Total 3
    This mod brings in major changes to the game. Apart from new units, there are new mechanics for gameplay introduced in this mod. The speed at which columns move has been changed. Heavy cavalry has a more important role to play in this mod. There are new and advanced tactics that you can try out as you play this game. The overall effect of this game is that the battles are fierce and longer and more immersive.

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