Here’s All You Need to Know About Biped, the Co-op Adventure Game

About the game

Biped is an action-adventure game that promotes co-operative gameplay. It is a game involving robots, puzzle-solving, and is based on the laws of physics. The game is to be played by two players and requires complete co-op between the two players if they have to succeed. It is not a co-op where two players make a strategy and then play individually. The game requires moment-to-moment co-op gameplay. This is what makes this robot game interesting. The game premise is that you play along with a friend and enjoy the best of co-op gameplay.

In case you don’t want to play with a friend, don’t worry! You can play this game as a solo player, and the game’s AI will work as your partner. You can do the co-op game part along with the game AI-controlled robot. Biped has launched this game at a perfect time when most people are stuck in their homes. With people looking for ways to keep themselves occupied, this game will be one everyone can enjoy. The game is developed by Next Studios, an Indie developer company based out of China.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The game revolves around two robots. One is called Aku and the other Sila. The game title Biped comes from the robots that are bipedal robots. The game plot is quite simple. The two robots have been sent to Earth with the objective of activating beacons. The game is all about the robots achieving their objectives. It is vital that Aku and Sila complete their mission; else, the Earth would go dark. They need to travel through different places with interesting landscapes. As they explore various places, they need to keep activating beacons.

The game is set in a futuristic scenario. The two robots have been deployed by a galactic firm known as the Onion. The robots have been sent through a space pod to earth to carry out this key mission. The two robots need to work together for which they need to bond well. This is the co-op part of the game that gives it such an interesting touch. It is not possible to move ahead in the game without co-op work. The game itself is organized into 30 different stages that ensure many hours of fun and interesting gameplay.

The gameplay

You can experience co-op gameplay by playing as one of the robots while a friend or partner takes the role of the other. Alternatively, you can choose to play with the AI. The game is presented from a top-down visual perspective. The main element of the gameplay is controlling the robot movements. Their biped legs need to be controlled, and it takes a bit of time to get adjusted to it. You can use your game stick to move or can even use the mouse. If you don’t do it properly, the robot will wander all around the place like a drunkard. This gives an element of comedy in the game.

You need a bit of gameplay to get adjusted to the controls. Once you get the hang of it, then you can focus on completing the tasks. Both robots need to work in perfect sync. There are many puzzles throughout the game that require smooth co-ordination; else, you will end up losing your robot. There are seesaws, ropes, boats, mountains, and many other landscapes through which you need to travel. Physics plays a role in ensuring you crack the puzzles in perfect sync with your fellow gameplayer.

The game features

This is what you need to know about the co-op game Biped:

  • Biped, released in April 2020, is a co-op adventure game that involves moving two robots in perfect synchronization.
  • You need to play this game with a partner to enjoy it the best. You can even play solo, where the AI takes the role of the other robot.
  • The game has multiple levels, where there are many challenging puzzles to complete. The puzzles require proper planning and perfect execution between both the players.
  • There are many treasures to be found. You can use them to customize your robots.
  • Find your way to the various beacons and ensure you light them up to save the Earth from the darkness.
  • The artwork of the landscape, music, and the use of physics to solve puzzles are the highlights of this cool puzzle game.

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