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About the Game

Cannibal Cuisine is a cooking game, the difference being that it is not veggies or animals being cooked but humans! This is a co-op game where a team of players needs to travel through an island hunting for tourists. Once they are found, they are to be escorted to meet Hoochoboo. If you were wondering who that is – it is a God! Not an ordinary God, but the God of cannibals who demands sacrifice. Catch tourists, offer them to the hungry God, and then cook them to make a tasty dish fit for the cannibal God to relish. As the tagline of the game goes, it’s all about fine DIEing.

Cannibal Cuisine is an innovative game. There have been many cooking games and even co-op cooking games, but this game is different, with the cannibal element introduced in it. Cannibal Cuisine comes to you from Rocket Venture. This is an indie game development company operating from Brussels, Belgium. They are known for creating and publishing arcade and party games for different platforms. Apart from Cannibal Cuisine, Rocket Venture’s Drift is a popular car game for the mobile platform. The company also creates educational games, art assets for games, and are involved in unity development.

Rocket Venture has developed and published Cannibal Cuisine. The game was released in May 2020. At present, it has been released on two platforms. It is available on the PC on Steam. A console version is available for the Nintendo Switch platform. The game has seen positive reviews from players and critics. The unique concept of the game has been appreciated by players, who have given it a thumbs up. Game reviewers have noted how the game seems to be inspired by the popular game Overcooked but yet has not copied it and is completely different.

Game plot, characters, and Storyline

The game characters

As you would have realized by now, the game is all about pleasing the cannibal God, HoochooBoo, who is one of the main characters of the game (but does not make a real appearance). The God demands food from the natives. And the island natives need to oblige by running around the island searching for food. The food, of course, is human in nature. The tourists who visit the island are the food.

What is the game about?

This is a co-operative cooking game. You can play this game on your own or team up with others to form a group of 4 people and play the game. You will play this game as the natives of the islands who need to cook food for the cannibal God. Apart from finding fruits, the main thing to do is the slaughter of tourists. A game that involves the chopping of humans seems grisly. But the game has been created in such a game that it is all fun. You will enjoy this game, where you need to hunt down tourists and persuade them to present themselves on the dining table of the cannibal God.

The tourists will not be interested in obliging, and this is where the action lies. You need to catch the tourists and bring them as ingredients to your cannibal cuisine. The tourists are no weaklings, they can thrash you up badly, so you need to be alert to tackle them. Fortunately, as followers of the cannibal God, you have voodoo powers. You can use magic to catch tourists. It is not just getting the ingredients, there are many other things involved in his game. You need to watch out for obstacles that impede your progress. There are dangerous spikes to avoid, and you need to watch out for lava from the mountain.

The Spiky Log of Doom is a problem for you, and one of the elements of the game is being able to outrun this character. With the tourists is the tour boss, who doesn’t like natives ruining his boss. He is hell-bent on catching natives, so you need to watch for him. There are many other challenges that you encounter on the island and jungle. The objective of the game is to get all the ingredients and cook up a meal for the God. By the way, you can breathe fire to cook food – an interesting talent! This is an entertaining couch game featuring cooking humans.


The gameplay involves catching hold of tourists who will naturally fight back, with the tour boss being the main enemy. The natives (who you will be playing as) have many abilities to use to catch the tourists. One of the abilities is Stomp; you can use this ability to stun the tourists and then quickly make a meal of them. You can cook food through your mouth by breathing fire like a dragon. These abilities are absolutely essential as the game progresses, and things become more difficult. The game can be played solo or as a team. You must note that solo gameplay can be very tough. It is a co-op game, and playing it alone is very tough. It is also greater fun playing with friends.

As the game proceeds, the challenges become tougher. You need to move fast to catch tourists and pick up other ingredients. At the same time, you must watch out for attacks from tourists, who can come in waves at you. Of course, if you are hit, then you lose health, and you can even die and game over! Watch out for sharp spikes, hot lava, and other such obstacles as you make your way through the island. The game is fun to play initially, but as you progress, it becomes tougher. This is actually one of the problems with the game. Expert players will have fun, but novice players are likely to face problems with the difficulty level.

One of the problems with the game at present is the bugs. This is a game from a new indie firm and a few bugs are expected, but the developers seem to be working on them and releasing patches. Many users have reported the bugs, and they seem to be causing glitches in the game. While two-player games are fine, adding more players seems to be causing glitches. There are some problems with the game controls too, which can lead to unexpected results. This is an issue that can affect the game’s sales, and hopefully, the developers will fix them all very soon.

Now, coming to the crux of the game, the cooking! It becomes fun and chaotic when there are more cooks involved. A timer is running, and you need to cook fast and, at the same time, prepare a dish that the God likes. If you serve tasteless food, he will get angry and may rain molten lava on you. To win a level, you need to complete the food challenges successfully, which is doable and more fun as a team. The game can be addictive as the God’s demands for food increases and the challenges increase. There is action, there are challenges, and the fight against the clock to serve a tasty meal is what makes this game interesting. The game is restricted to 16+ players, and this causes a problem as families can’t play together. The game visuals are good with a decent soundtrack. You will have fun cooking humans for the cannibal God.

Game Features

Source: Cannibal Cuisine website

The features of Cannibal Cuisine that you need to know about are:

  • The game is a co-op cooking game that can be played by one player or in a group of 4.
  • The objective of the game is to collect ingredients to cook a meal for the cannibal God, with the main ingredient being humans!
  • There are obstacles, dangers in the jungle, and fights with the tourists in the game, as the natives try to catch tourists to make a meal out of them.
  • There are more than 20 levels in this fun-filled cooking game that involves action and various challenges.
  • Voodoo powers are available to use to catch tourists and to fight with them.
  • Food fights with other players can be done in PvP. Defeating enemies and cooking humans is what the game is all about.
  • The game released in May 2020 and is available on Steam and Switch.


Overcooked was a well-known cooking game. Cannibal Cuisine seems to be inspired by it. The basic concept is similar, but the execution is different thanks to the cannibal element. What would seem to be gory (eating humans) is made into fun thanks to the smooth game execution. You can play this co-op game from your couch along with friends in groups of four. Apart from cooking, there are many interesting challenges in this game. The bugs seem to be a problem. This is expected since the game is new. Hopefully, once the patches are released, the game will be even more fun. An innovative co-op game you can consider playing.

To know more about this interesting game, check out this game trailer.

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