Here’s All You Need to Know About EvilvEvil

EvilvEvil is an upcoming video game that was announced earlier this year by Toadman Studios. The game is first-person, co-op vampire shooter, and according to a press release, it will be supported by publisher Sold Out, as well as Petrol Advertising, a creative agency.

According to Toadman Studios, the game is set to be released towards the end of 2020, and as of now, there is very little information about the game. Here is all that we know about the upcoming game, EvilvEvil.

Teaser Trailer

Plot and setting

EvilvEvil is set to have a player-directed storyline that will be continuously updated. There will be plenty of vampire characters in the game, all of whom will bring their own ultracool attitudes and abilities to give you a game that is both refreshing and deathly glamorous.

EvilvEvil is set in the near future where supernatural creatures, including vampires, have come out of the shadows and into everyday life to feast on humans. As you can probably expect, a game about vampires that can shoot guns is likely to be very bloody.

The story is focused on a group of vampires who have found their own niche in society, and according to game director Martin Annander, these are vampires who are a “product of time.” The world, as we know it, has changed, and they too have to change along with the rest of the world if they want to survive.

From the first look video, we are introduced to several characters, including Subject 1 or Mashaka, who is an Arcanist, Subject 2 or Victoria, who is an Assassin, and Subject 3 or Ramirez, who is a Berserker. It appears that these three vampires will be the main characters in EvilvEvil, and from the looks of it, they seem to promise nothing less than a fun, crazy, and riveting adventure that will be easy to get hooked to.

Each of the main characters has their own distinct style and look. While Mashaka is strapped in biker-style leather, studs, and gloves and greets us with a deviant, mischievous smile, Victoria wears a hooded cape and has a dull, pale look with dark eyes. She is strapped with huge guns, chains, and studs, as well as several other weapons.

Meanwhile, Ramirez has slick black hair and wears what looks like a heavy, armor-style clothing with chains, studs, and other metallic designs. And, of course, all of them have their sharp, vampire fangs that can sink deep into human flesh.


EvilvEvil is a co-op shooter game, which means that you can either play alone as a single-player, or you can play along with your friends in the cooperative multiplayer mode. The game is very fast-paced, and from the looks of it, will be extremely thrilling. If you are a fan of vampire games or first-person shooter games, EvilvEvil is definitely a title that will spark your interest.

The game will have a live comic, and according to Annander, this will come with “community-driven storytelling and weekly releases.” The decisions and actions made by players will affect how future episodes develop. In other words, as new content for the game is released, the storyline of the game will keep evolving, thus making the game that much more exciting and immersive. EvilVEvil will be a free-to-play game.

From the very limited information available on the internet about the game, the graphics look amazing, and the world of EvilvEvil seems to be pretty dark and gloomy, as is fitting for a world where supernatural creatures live.

Although vampire games are not new to the market, there are very few that gives players the thrill of playing as a strong, blood-sucking, super cool vampire who doesn’t have to hide who they are, and on top of that, has access to guns and gets to shoot their enemies. In this way, EvilvEvil looks like a promising, refreshing title that many gamers will look forward to.

As of now, we do not know the specific release date for EvilvEvil, and neither has the developer, Toadman Studios, announced which platforms the video game will be available on. We can expect that the game will live up to its expectations, and from what little we do know of the title as of now, it does give us a lot to expect. Keep an eye out for EvilvEvil towards the end of this year!

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