Here’s All You Need to Know About Population Zero, The Sci-Fi MMO

About the game

Population Zero is an upcoming science-fiction massively multiplayer online game that involves the struggles of colonists who are stuck on a distant planet. The game involves survival in a difficult environment and features a race against time. There are many quests to complete, obstacles to overcome, and aliens to handle in this fast-paced game. This is a game that races against time. The clock is ticking as you play the game, and failure to achieve all your objectives before the clock runs out will be fatal.

The game is being developed by Indie developer firm Enplex Games. This is the first project of the Moscow-based company. The company hopes to achieve its goal of creating an enhanced player experience through this game. The game is right now available in an early access mode. Playing in this mode allows you to get a preview of the game, and at the same time, provide feedback to the developers. The game is expected to be released on May 6th, 2020.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

Population Zero is set in the fictional planet of Kepler. It is an alien world with a lot of unknown elements to it. The environment is harsh, and you need to struggle to survive. You are one of the colonists on this planet. There are different types of aliens, and you need to be ready to deal with them. There are seven biomes on this planet, and there is a variety of wildlife. The flora is bizarre, and the environment surreal. This is an open-world that you can explore as a player. Artemis is the space ship, which is your temporary home.

You play the game as a session. Each session lasts for 168 hours, and the clock will be ticking. There are many dangers on the planet, from aliens to fantastic beasts. You need to survive and repair a damaged reactor. The objective of the game is to restart the hibernation pod before the time is up. There is a colossal sphere that will shower a deadly radiance. If you do not complete the tasks on time, you will die, and that is the end of your life. You restart in a new life all over again but can carry some game progression.

The gameplay

This MMO game is one you play along with others in an open world. Apart from your many mission, there is a large world to explore where you can find a lot of things that will help you to survive. The game involves rogue-like gaming, which normally not many MMOs have. The gameplay is all about building a habitat for you and your fellow colonists to live, and you need to race the ticking clock. As expected, there are monsters that you need to fight using whatever weapons you have. The spaceship is your residence, where you meet with other players. You can socialize with them on the spaceship.

Each session you play will get you points. These points help you level up in the game. As you progress to higher levels, you can get access to more exciting game modes. There are more features in the game at higher levels. There is a technology tree for you to explore, and you can use this technology to proceed in the game. There are many perks you can get that can help you become stronger and faster. You should not forget to explore the world as the storyline is linked to the exploration. Co-operative gameplay is encouraged, and this allows you to upgrade the spaceship and get resources.

The game features

The game features that make this game a promising one are:

  • The game is an upcoming one, which is available in early access mode, with the release date being May.
  • You play this game as a colonist on a planet Kepler where you need to explore the world, solve mysteries, get resources, and complete your mission in a race against time.
  • You play the game in sessions, and each session allows you to gain access to new features.
  • Apart from the main mission, there are many interesting side quests that help you gain access to new technologies.
  • The game was initially planned as a free to play but is now going to be offered for a one-time purchase.

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