Here’s All You Need to Know About the Gameplay of Ironlights

E McNeill, the genius developer behind the hit VR game DarkNet(2018), is all set to launch a new VR game titled Ironlights this Spring. It will be made available onOculus Quest’ SteamVR and RIFT. Ironlights is a one-on-one VR weapon-based fighting game that aims at providing a strategic take to the often monotonous melee battle games. In simple terms, Ironlights is like the strategic VR version of Streetfight. The cinematic utopia of swordplay is brought to life here with the help of the amazing graphics and quirky mechanics.

The gameplay of Ironlights

The game is all about parrying, striking, and dodging your enemy as an enormous crowd roars on at the clanging metals, giving you a real sensation of thrill and pressure as you strategize your way to the top! As you play along, it will become apparent that the gameplay is indeed all about strategy, which means you will not be able to just chop and slice your way through the finish; you will need to be always one step ahead of your adversary, averting their attacks and sliding past their defenses.

Melee battle games have always been a challenge in the VR world as one cannot get the full sense of satisfaction that comes from the various parameters such as the actual weight of the virtual weapons, the rewarding tactile reverberation of two enormous metal swords clashing, and the disparity between the actual physical speed vs. in-game movements.

What Ironlights does to make up for these problems is that they work around these obstacles using some fantastically innovative, “quirky mechanics,” which enhances the gameplay. All the weapons have weight, as well as momentum, based on their type or class, which adds another level of realism to the player. Another added mechanism is the automatic “slow motion” mode that your controller enters when striking an enemy, which, in turn, forces you to move your body in slow motion so that you get optimal control over your weapon and your move.

Choose your class

Otherwise known as fighting style, classes are of five types, which are Knight (Dual Wielding), Duelist (Rapier & Buckler), Monk (Staff), Ninja (Dual Katars), and Crusader (Flail & Sheild). Every weapon has its own unique weight and range attack. Hence, each class allows a different combat style. You can pick anyone and develop your combat style as you become proficient in your class. The game developers have hinted that there may be new additions of classes in the future.

Skillful combat

What sets Ironlights from the other games of a similar genre is the “dynamic back-and-forth” battle strategy, that is, the combat takes place in turns between the two opponents, and in each turn, only the attacker can strike, while the other can only defend themselves by dodging or averting the incoming assault. This not only helps set the pace of the combat but also helps players to make a battle plan.

Also, you will only be allowed to hit once per swing. The weapon will thus “shatter” after impact, and you will have to swing it back to “reload.” This feature side-steps the disconnect between your actual movements and your controller during continuous attacks.


A single-player mode crusade is available for each of the five classes, where you can duel and win tournaments as you climb the ranks to the top and unlock special features, as well as play exhibition matches as you go.

Developers say that extra effort has been added to make this mode fluid and responsive. With cross-platform multiplayer as the game focal targets, you can test your skill and have awesome duels with strangers. The cherry on top of the cherry on top is that you can play single-player event games while you wait for your match; thus, you never waste your time stuck in some lobby. The game also targets LAN-based modes, so, virtually, anything is possible.


Show off your skills as the roaring crowds cheer your victory. With the replay feature, you can check out your awesome battle and export your match view for the world to see. Whether you are the victor or loser, a brilliant game like this deserves to be shown off!

With all that being said, the quirky mechanics will take you a little more time to get used to the game, but it also means you get a fantastic VR gaming experience that you could otherwise not experience elsewhere.

Game Trailer

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