Here’s All You Need to Know About the Gameplay of Windbound: Brave the Storm

About the game

Windbound: Brave the Storm is an Indie survival game. It is a game of being shipwrecked on an island and a battle for survival. The game trailer has been released, and it promises to be an interesting survival game.

The game is being developed by Indie developers 5 Lives Studios. They are the creators of the game Satellite Reign. 5 Lives was started by a group of five developers who have worked on top games like Grand Theft Auto and Star Wars. The developers are based out of Brisbane, Australia, and with the success of their first game, they are now focusing on the development of this game.

The game is being published by Deep Silver. They are creators of the Prison Break game and are now in the process of releasing Windbound. The game trailer has been released, and development is in progress. The game has been rated as 10+ by ESRB. The game is in the advanced stage of development and testing. It is estimated that the game would be released on 28th August 2020. This is, of course, subject to the effect of the Corona pandemic on the game development.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The game revolves around a central character Kara. She is a member of a tribe, who is now lost at sea. Kara lost her way in the waters while traversing the seas and is now shipwrecked. Kara has found refuge in an abandoned island. There is no way out for Kara, who now has to make the island her home. She needs to find the basic necessities to survive. She needs food, and she also needs to protect herself from unknown elements on the forbidden island. There is a group of forbidden islands where Kara’s adventures take place.

While her immediate aim is to survive, she needs to find a way to get out of the island and go back to her tribe. For this, she needs to build boats, and she needs to find resources. She also needs to find the right way out. In order to do this, she has to explore the islands and find out what mysteries the islands have in store. The islands have many resources and wildlife. There are challenges at every stage, and Kara needs to be prepared to overcome these challenges.

The gameplay

The only information about the game is available from the game trailer. Other information is not available, and a demo is not yet released. From the trailer, the gameplay involves survival on the island and exploration of the islands to find resources. The game background and scenery uses cel graphics. There is sailing involved in the game, as well as building boats and navigating them. The boats are one of the key elements of the game. Kara needs to upgrade the boats so that she can use the boats to leave the island.

While playing the game, you need to explore the islands to find resources. You need to build tools to protect yourself and battle various creatures. You can get tools to help you upgrade the boat. There are clearly many mysteries on the island, including various monuments that hold some secrets. One of the key aspects of the gameplay that is intriguing is a glowing circle that Kara sees. The circle, resembling a portal, seems to have a major role in the gameplay. Gamers can expect a game with great visuals and interesting gaming experience.

The game features

The following features tell you all you need to know about Windbound:

  • Windbound is an upcoming game scheduled to be released in August 2020.
  • The game trailer reveals that it is a game with sailing, boat building, and island exploration.
  • The game features the central character Kara being stuck on an island. The game is all about Kara’s survival on the island.
  • The islands have many mysteries that Kara needs to unravel, for which she needs to explore the island.
  • There are many creatures on the island, and she needs tools to protect herself. She also needs various resources to upgrade her boat.
  • The main aim of the game is for Kara to get maximum resources possible so that she can find a way out of the island and re-join her tribe.
  • The game is a virtual sailing game where you need to sail and explore various islands.

Game Trailer

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