Here’s All You Need to Know About World of Tanks

World of Tanks (WoT) is a heavily-armored combat vehicle MMO game, which was developed by Belarusian company Wargaming and first released on 11 April 2011, and has greatly appealed to the fans of MMO genre worldwide. After the original game’s release, the developers have since come up with many other different versions, each dedicated to different platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS,

WoT won the Golden Joystick Award for Multiplayer Game of the Year award. Wargaming announced in 2016 that a comic book based on this massively multiplayer online game’s in the development as well.

The gameplay

WoT presents tactical gameplay that gives each player complete control over a single armored tank to go into battle. The players can choose from over 600 different vehicles from the mid-20th century era, ranging from light to heavy to tank destroyers and SPGs. There are multiple game modes available that will suit every player, whether they want to play solo, join teams, or build their own clan. There are multiple game mechanics in WoT, like camouflage and module damage, which basically remain the same even with the changing game modes.

Random battles

This mode is for the solo players, who can join a team of 15 random players and win a random battle by destroying the opponent’s armored vehicles or capturing their base.

These solo players can also join training battles to learn more about combat tactics and hone their battle skills.

Seasonal battles

The seasonal mode comes in two types — Frontline and Ranked battles. Frontline involves 30 vs. 30 team battles where only Tier VIII vehicles can be used that are already available or can be rented. The main objective of the attacking team is to break through the opposing team’s defense and destroy at least three out of five pillboxes, while the defending team has to defend their territory. The territory is divided into three defense lines. The attacking team has to break through the first and second defense lines and move on to the third where they have to destroy pillboxes with high-caliber weapons.

There are 15 Frontline Tiers, and reaching each tier brings rewards such as credits, consumables, personal reserves, and directives. The most skillful players who collect all 12 tokens (three tokens at each of the four stages) will be rewarded with any one of the Tier IX vehicles — Object 777 Variant II, Char Futur 4 or AE Phase I.

In the Ranked battles, the main objective is to join any one of the Bronze, Silver, or Golden prize leagues by the season’s end. Reaching a league requires the players to fight 20 battles in Qualification and then progress through the third, second, and first Divisions, each stage rewarding 15 ranks. To earn these ranks, chevrons must be collected at the end of each battle, the likelihood of which is increased if the players are higher up in the team score.

Regular tournaments

The players can play solo or in a team to win and earn rewards such as gold, premium vehicles, and others. Each tournament comes with its own set of rules, including the team size, tournament format, and vehicle restrictions, if any.

Clan battles

Clan battles come in two main forms — Strongholds and the Global Map. The players can create a clan and build their clan’s own stronghold, which can go from one to four zones, and only one stronghold can be built for each clan. The clans can participate in battles (Skirmishes) or attack the enemy’s stronghold to gain resources for building their structures.

The Global Map is a collective of three fronts on a real-world based map, with each front consisting of gold-generating provinces. Each clan can battle for those territories by competing against each other.

Battle Pass

A new addition to WoT is the Battle Pass. The first season will run from March till June 2020, which will allow the players to earn rewards such as Bounty Equipment, exclusive 3D styles for the Super Conqueror or Object 277 and a commander. The players have to join Random battles through a progression system that includes two challenges — Main (45 stages) and Elite (100 stages). The Battle pass is free; however, the improved pass has to be purchased with gold.

With all these exciting new features, WoT has all the more reasons to gain your attention.

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