Here’s What You Should Know About Damn The Man, Save The Music

About the game

Damn the Man, Save the Music is a game about saving the music. As the name suggests, it is about saving music or, in this case, a music store that is under threat from a man. You need to damn the man and save the music store. This is a game that has been inspired by movies like Dazed and Confused. The game will be enjoyed by those who love the music of the 90s. The game comes to you from an Indie developer company known as Make Big Things. The company started operations in 2013 and is a three-member team of game designers.


The company has developed games like Questland, Good Dog, Bad Zombie, and 14 days. The game has been released in a kit that includes a color book in the form of a PDF. This is a 103-page book that gives players a comprehensive guide to the game. The book has illustrations and explains step-by-step about how you can play this game and have fun while doing it. The game belongs to the table-top role-playing game genre. It is a quirky game that has won appreciations from players.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

Revolution Records is the name of a music store that sells records. The record store has a group of employees who love music and fun and are passionate about their store. They now face a risk, where their store may be closed down. They now need to join hands to save the music, which is their store. This is the main plot of the game. The game can be played by three or four players. It can also have a facilitator for the game. The game duration is for three hours, and it covers a 24-hour period of the storyline.

The main goal is to save the store. At the same time, there are many other things to be done. You need to open your heart to your beloved and share your feelings. If this was not enough, some money has gone missing from the cashbox. This poses a difficult situation for which you need to find a solution. You need even to pay off a debt that you owe your parents. There are so many things to do and very little time as you need to finish everything by midnight. This RPG involves a timed game.

The gameplay

This is an RPG where rules play an important role. The game that can be played by three to four players has a rules book that needs to be understood. The game is set over a period of 14 hours from 10 AM to midnight, while the actual playing time is three hours. During this time, the main goal of the game has to be achieved, along with other sub-goals. Damn the Man refers to a rockstar who is now a has-been. The rockstar has to be appeased if you want to save the store. You even need to sell records and make money.

While you do all these things, there is a possibility of things going wrong very badly. This makes the game interesting. The characters in the game are teenagers who are punks and weirdos. These interesting characters make the gameplay interesting. While achieving all your goals, you must not forget to keep the music going. As is evident from the title, music plays a key role in the game and is a tribute to 90s music. This will be nostalgic for fans of 90s music, who will definitely enjoy the music and the game. Overall, this is an interesting and different game to play.

The game features

Damn the Man, Save the Music is an interesting game with features like:

  • The game belongs to the table-top RPG genre.
  • It involves a group of punks and teenagers running a music record store, who need to save the store.
  • There are many sub-quests within the game, and all of them need to be completed by midnight, making it a race against time.
  • The developers have brought out a book with guidance on how to play the game with illustrations that makes it very handy for new players.
  • This game has won the IGN award for best rules for 2018.
  • The game has a tribute to the music of the 90s.

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