Here’s What You Should Know About Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Mods

The combat, setting, and character development in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is marvelous, and the game definitely tests your mental agility, patience, and reflexes. If you want to experience its mods, though, you should try one of these most popular mods for the game.

FPS Unlock and More Mod

With this mod, you get to unlock the full potential of the game on your PC. You can use the Swiss Army knife from the third-party software, get rid of frame rate limit, and include custom resolutions, as well as 21:9 support for widescreen to make your experience a lot better. This optimizes speed on the game while increasing your field of view and removing the FPS limit. It doesn’t change game files and allows you to have a borderless window mode. 

Minimal HUD Mod

With Minimal HUD, you can get rid of the many icons as well as prompts on your screen that are split into four categories- enemy indicators, unnecessary icons, vignettes, and backgrounds. Get rid of distractions and keep what you need to make navigating the game easier. Here’s what can be removed with this mod:

    • Enemy awareness icons/meters

    • Screen bottom button prompts and auto-saving icon

    • Icons for NPCs

    • Red low health/death vignettes

    • Black stealth/crouching/wall-hugging vignettes

    • Icons for grapple point, deathblow, and lock-on

Costume Pack Mod

If you’re tired of the same old orange coat in the game, the costume pack mod is apt to use. With this, you can choose from a diverse selection of 25 costumes and give your character a look you want. Another popular change is getting to play as a huge lizard, in which case, you can deflect, spring from one spot to another, and dodge your enemies as a giant gecko.

Cinematic ReShade Mod

With this mod, you get to experience a realistic cinematic tone in the game that is in alignment with the From Software aesthetics. The mod works on the basis of three graphic effects- chromatic aberration, Gaussian blur, and vignette. The effects can be controlled by turning off or on and adjusting saturation.

HDR Preset Mod

With this mod, the game looks more saturated and colorful to give it an HDR look. This mod is based on technologies of ReShade, such as curves, FXAA, CinematicDOF, HDR, clarity, and SMAA.   

Swords of Moonlight Mod

Moonlight weapons, a big plus of Dark Souls and Bloodborne games, don’t feature anywhere in this game, but this mod makes it possible to use 2 Moonlight swords:

    • The Moonlight Greatsword

    • The Holy Moonlight Sword

Dark Souls 3 Weapons Mod

This mod allows you to make use of weapons from Dark Souls 3 and includes a package of 32 weapons that you can choose from.

Black Sekiro Mod

With this mod, you have choices when it comes to the garment Sekiro wears. Black and white outfit options are available that help you navigate the game. Dressed in black, Sekiro looks like a ninja. If you want to go for a nobler look, the white robe is the perfect choice. Another plus point with the white robe is that it makes Sekiro invisible while maneuvering ancient Japan’s snowy landscape.   

Cyberpunk Set Mod

This mod draws inspiration from Cyberpunk 2077 and gives Sekiro’s katana a neon glow with robes that are redesigned using similar neon glow threads resembling wires. Even the tools have a neon glow to them, giving the game a futuristic look. 

Katana Merchant Mod

This mod is the right one to get access to the perfect Japanese sword. The convenient package has all the necessary swords you need, and all you have to do is choose one for the Wolf to use. Bear in mind, though, that the changes introduced by this mode are purely cosmetic and won’t impact the stats of your weapon. 

Boss Rush Mod

If you want to work on improving your skills, the Boss Rush mod should be your go-to option. With it, you can improve your skills by revisiting any boss fight from the Dilapidated Temple. Every boss can grant 1,000 sen and XP for upgrades. It also helps to make the Boss Rush opportune by:   

    • Skipping the Ashina Reservoir tutorial

    • Removing game pausing during item drops or pickups

    • Removing tutorial pop-ups during game

    • Avoiding cut scene on 1st death

    • Eliminating slow walk areas

    • Exchanging gourd seeds & prayer necklaces at once

    • Removing sold out products from the shop

Easy mod

With this mod, you have greater attacking power, stamina, as well as defense. You’ll also get unlimited spirit emblems, which can come in handy during boss fights.

Bloodborne Combat mod

With this mod, Sekiro’s combat is made to resemble that from Bloodborne with a greater focus on dodging. Instead of six invincibility frames, this mod offers 16 and sees the addition of the rally system from Bloodborne that allows for the quick regaining of health for players.  

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