Here’s Why You Should Play The Elder Scrolls Online

Despite having a slow start, Elder Scroll Online (ESO) has still managed to retain a top spot in the MMORPG world. ESO has always been known to have great content and an exciting storyline, but just a combination of these two these days is not sufficient to beat the stiff competition being given by other games of the same genre. There are several other reasons why ESO should be a good choice for gamers, especially those who are interested in the PvP.

Why ESO is such a popular game

The first and most important factor – ESO is free. Unlike many other popular RPGs, ESO offers great content right from the starting level even to those players who don’t want to pay to play. The game, which uses Chapters to denote its various playing realms, has exciting quests and graphics for even the most basic player. One of the most recent Chapter additions, for example, is the Greymoore Chapter, which crosses the game over with the Skyrim Adventure. Known as the ESO Greymoor: Part of the Dark Heart of the Skyrim year-Long Adventure, players get to fight against a fearsome Vampire Lord in the chilly mountainous parts of Skyrim. The Chapter lives up to the ESO promise of delivering interesting twists and turns to its players- all this without worrying about a monthly subscription!

The next interesting thing about ESO is its range of downloadable content (DLC). With each DLC, players get access to a different part of Tamriel. These DLC also include “skill adds” to the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild, for example. If you’re interested in getting all the DLCs in one go, then you get them for an attractive price too. Developers of the game have worked hard to keep the interest in the game alive, and it’s evident from the excellent quality DLCs available periodically.

Those who are interested in serious PvP combat, along the lines of Mortal Kombat with a slick arsenal with ‘team against team’ combats, or one-on-one, are sure to find ESO thoroughly engaging. ESO has some of the best combat action options for its gamers, with options such as block, sneak attack, dodge, and interrupting opponents. It’s not just about hiding behind a tree and shooting from afar; it’s about using tactics and hammering the opponent -which can be incredibly satisfying when based in a content-rich game like ESO, filled with quests. The player’s abilities, called Skill Lines, expand with every win, like with any other games, and with additions of DLCs.

Easy to learn for first-time players

ESO remains one of the top games in the massive player arena. So, it’s the perfect choice for people who want to engage in a couple of hours of adventure with a big group of friends, on the same side or opposing side. But if you’re worried about training someone about the intricacies of the game, then ESO has some of the simplest starting level gaming options, which help a player learn as they continue exploring Tamriel. With features such as Zone Guide and Level Up Advisor, first-time players have plenty of help to learn the game.

Players around the world have praised the quality of characters you find in ESO. They are complex to get to know but enjoyable while playing. Some games focus more on the rewards or PK aspects, and the quality of the content or players suffers in the process. Not with ESO. Characters like Balgruuf, The Prophet, Abnur Tharn, and Heimskr are just a few in the range that players can select from. There’s a category for all types of players – which makes playing on ESO highly customization-friendly.

Another exciting factor about ESO is the sheer large size of the world that’s just waiting to be explored. There are so many options that players can stumble upon, or gain access to with each new skill they get or the level they achieve. And unlike most other games, the movement can be lateral, rather than linear always, which means a player can explore the world just because they want to, and not just to gain more experience or restore their health.

Apart from the characters and the world, which in itself are incredible to be a part of, even the weapons that are used can be extremely interesting, as they can also be customized by players. Mix the weapons and unique skills, and you’ve got a game that allows a lot of things to be explored by players on a daily basis. You are sure to spend a lot of time getting to know the world and characters better, without any sign of boredom.

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