How Could Torghast Dungeon of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Transform the MMO?

World of Warcraft is one of the biggest and most popular massively multiplayer online games today with millions of players across the globe. Expansions are released regularly, and by now, every player knows to expect at least one new big feature that allows a new way to play.

Later this year, the anticipated expansion Shadowlands is set for release, and when it does, the biggest new feature that could have a huge impact on the game will be Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

Torghast will be one of World of Warcraft: Shadowland’s new endgame features that will scale for one to five people. Blizzard has mentioned that the dungeon was inspired by roguelikes, meaning that every time you have a failed run, you gain knowledge and skills that you can put to use in your next attempt.

What makes Torghast different from other WoW traditional dungeons is that there are fixed levels with enemy spawns that are procedurally generated. Players have to climb the floors of a literal tower, and at first, the floors are simple, but as you progress, they eventually become more complex and elaborate with confusing puzzles, wings with traps, and locked doors.

Anima Powers

Getting through all the floors of Torghast is no easy task and takes more than your usual WoW skills. Even refined players will find it challenging, especially as you progress through the floors. As you climb higher, you can find Anima Powers. However, these only function in Torghast for your current run. Players can also gain a brand new resource known as Phantasma, which can be spent at the Shackled Broker either for items or for new Anima Powers.

The Anima Powers have all kinds of effects. For instance, while one Anima Power may boost your movement speed, another one could buff a stat. The types of Anima Powers you can access depends on the Covenant you are devoted to. Moreover, each class has unique Anima Powers that players can choose from. Anima Powers can be gained in different ways, such as completing bonus objectives, discovering them in levels, and so on.

Death is a pretty big deal

Torghast can be run solo or in a group of up to five people- like a traditional dungeon. When you queue solo, you may find that it’s a bit slow-going, and even just making it to the next floor will feel like a huge accomplishment.

But when you queue up with other players, you will see that progressing through the floors will be much smoother than when you play alone. You should note that the more players that queue up with you, the more enemies you will have to face. But then again, you do have more people on your team to fight them off, so it only makes sense. Besides, each of the players can use their strengths as and when needed, making your climb up the tower more attainable.

You should also note that death is a huge deal in Toghast. So, you are probably better off playing with at least two people so that you can have them around to have your back. Considering the threats and risks, this is likely the optimal way to play Torghast.

If you do die too many times, you will not get another chance to simply reset and carry on with your climb up the tower. There is a pre-determined number of deaths on each floor, and when a solo player or group reaches that limit, the Tower will summon a creepy, giant and unkillable creature known as the Tarragrue.

The Tarragrue spawns at the start of your current floor and slowly marches toward the exit, and you have to make sure he doesn’t catch you. If he spots you and you are caught, you will be killed in just one strike, and your run is over. However, if you beat him to the level exit, the death count will automatically reset to zero, and you can start the next floor on a clean slate. For every floor you complete in Torghast, you will have the opportunity to learn a new skill or power up an ability, thus making your character stronger and more powerful for the next floor, which will be more challenging than the last. Once you successfully climb up all the floors, you will eventually net a Legendary chest, from where you can take several powerful materials out of the tower and craft a weapon or gear of your choice.

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