How Independent Game Developers Are Using Games to Explore the Issue of Climate Change

The effect of climate change

Climate change has been a talking point all over the world for the past few years. Teen activist Greta Thunberg has been in the news for taking on world leaders for not doing enough. The bushfires in Australia recently is just one example of how climate change is posing serious dangers. Summers in Australia have become twice as long as winters, and as a result, temperatures are increasing drastically. It is not just Australia facing the problem, but countries across the world are experiencing these changes.

Alternating floods and droughts, rising temperatures, and an increase in natural disasters are making people wake up to the effect of climate change. There is a need to increase awareness of climate change. People from all walks of life are doing their bit to create more awareness and address these issues. The world of gaming has not been found wanting. There are many independent game developers who are contributing in their own way through various games that explore climate change.

Indie games and climate change

Games are all about entertainment. Some games involve building urban concrete jungles with skyscrapers. Now there is awareness about the environment and about the need to do something on climate change. Several games are coming out nowadays that include issues related to climate change. Beyond Blue is a popular one. We take a look at how the indie developer E-line media have focused on climate change.

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue is a game developed by E-line media for the BBC. The game is inspired by the BBC series Blue Planet. The game uses the ocean as the backdrop and tries to present the beauty of the blue waters. The game focuses on the ocean, the creatures that dwell in it, and their relationship with humans. The game is set in the future with the aim of trying to present what could happen to the oceans in the future as a result of climate change. The effect of issues like plastic waste in oceans, warming waters, and how certain species are dwindling has been well-presented.

The game has made use of science and has involved real scientists. In the game, the main character uses an advanced diving suit that uses technology to explore the ocean to understand more about it. The idea behind the game is to educate people on the ocean, organic life, and how humans are destroying it. The game uses footage from the BBC series to present the ocean world to create a great experience for gamers. It is a strong commentary on the effects of global warming and climate change.


Another indie game that has focused on the effect of climate change is Eco, from Strange Loop Games. The game is a simulator that focuses on building civilizations. While other games in the genre focus more on collecting resources and building huge civilizations, this game has a different approach. The actions of players in the game have an impact on the environment, which, in turn, affects the gameplay. The players can form governments that enact laws to protect the environment, making this a truly different game.

This is a multiplayer game where the objective is to survive and build a world. The game has been developed in conjunction with scientists and makes use of ecosystems and climate models as a part of the gameplay. Players need to collaborate with each other to create a green world and protect it. The game brings in a strong focus on climate change and its effects, along with possible solutions.

Some other interesting games that focus on climate change include:

1) Keep Cool: This game from developer Spieltrieb puts you in charge of a country. You need to work with other countries to develop your economy. At the same time, you need to keep environmental concerns in mind. Your actions in the game affect the world, causing floods and other disasters.

2) Bee Simulator: The game from Varsav Studios brings focus on a key issue of how bees are vanishing and the catastrophic impact it can have on mankind. The game allows players to learn about bees and their contribution to the world.

3) Endling: In this game from Herobeat, the last fox in the world is the key character. It is up to you to protect this fox and prevent the fox species from becoming extinct. It sensitizes players on how we are destroying nature.


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