IGM Interviews: Goat Simulator dev Coffee Stain Studios

These days, it seems like everything is getting its own simulator game. Well, that may be true, but if it weren’t we would never see games like Goat Simulator!

Originally created to train programmers how to utilize the Unreal Engine, Coffee Stain Studios is officially releasing Goat Simulator on Steam! You (obviously) play as a goat in the game, and, well, do goat things.

IGM had the opportunity to chat with Armin Ibrisagic, game designer for Coffee Stain, about the latest venture in goat simulation.

Armin Ibrisagic (Left), with Joakim Sjöö (Right), animator at Coffee Stain Studios.

“There are no objectives in Goat Simulator – you can do whatever you want,” Ibrisagic said. “For example, you get one point for eating grass. You get 1000 points for breaking a window. If you headbutt a basketball into a window while you’re doing a 360, your points will be multiplied even more.”

Ibrisagic said there will be some secondary goals to the game, like maintaining airtime for 15 seconds, or kicking something really far.

Goat Simulator is a breakthrough in goat simulation technology,” Ibrisagic said. “Utilizing the latest from NVIDIA Apex and PhysX, all you need is a computer screen to inject the lightwaves of digital goats through your eyes, to be absorbed by your brain and metabolized into fun.”

Goat Simulator looks insane, and I need to have it.

Mikael Mård (Top), 3D technical artist, and Oscar Jilsén (Bottom), lead designer at Coffee Stain Studios.

Ibrisagic said the internet’s reaction to Goat Simulator has been enormous, something they weren’t expecting.

“I remember writing a blog post before the first alpha video came up on Youtube and I was like, ‘yeah we’re just playing around a bit in UDK with a goat.’ Then a couple of days later the internet exploded,” Ibrisagic told IGM.

Goat Simulator is scheduled for release this spring, but you can pre-order the game for $9.99.

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