Is Acid Knife Like Any Other 2D Action Game?

About the game

Acid Knife is an upcoming action game that uses 2D graphics. It is a side-scrolling game where you need to battle death centipedes! Yes, that’s right! Death centipedes are the monsters in this game that you need to defeat. The game involves action on a background screen that uses pixelated art. The focus of this game is improvisation. You are given a set of tools and weapons to battle the enemy and accomplish your quest. These tools by themselves may not be enough to help you win. Improvisation is the key, and you need to make the best use of what you have to achieve your goals.

The game is developed by an Indie developer firm known as Powerhoof. This is a gaming company based out of Melbourne in Australia. They have released two games as on date- Crawl and Regular Human Basketball. As of now, the developers have released the trailer of Acid Knife. The game is under development, and what is revealed in the trailer is just a small teaser. It is likely that more trailers may be released. The release date of the game is not yet known. ‘Released when it’s done’ is the present status of the game.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

Right now, there is only a trailer of the game that has been released. The trailer highlights a piece of action from the game. It involves a pixelated character moving around a screen, jumping from platform to platform (like in Mario). There are tools for the character to use that need to be deployed to kill monsters. There are different kinds of monsters, and it seems each has its own unique characteristics, and killing them needs some effort. The death centipedes are slimy creatures that slither in the air and all over the screen, and they need to be taken out immediately.

The storyline of the game, plot, and characters are not known yet. Probably, trailers that would be released ahead would reveal more of the game story. From the trailer, it seems the game is about picking up gems. The level showcased in the trailer is where the character has to find three gems to exit from the level and complete it. Monsters block your way as you proceed, and as the lead character (whoever or whatever it may be), you need to slaughter the monsters and pick up the gems.

The gameplay


This is an out-and-out 2D action game in a psychedelic pixelated world. The red and white graphics make it stand out in the background. The moves you need to make in the game are fast, and this is not a game where you have to spend time thinking about what to do. Quick action is what will help you clear the game levels. You need to jump around from one platform to another to find a way out and to pick up gems. You need to find a red spot in your enemy and hit it with all you have to kill the enemy. Sometimes, this won’t be possible in one move, and you may need to make repeated moves.

There are items available that you need to use to finish off the monsters. Improvisation is the key. You need to be careful when you use the items. There are spikes all over the place; if you hit any of the spikes, you can lose the item. In case you lose a weapon, you can punch the enemy to death, but it is not so easy. As per the trailer, the game doesn’t seem to have a gaming system of lives, and it looks like you will have unlimited lives to play. From what little gameplay is seen in the trailer, this promises to be a great action game.

The game features

The action game Acid Knife has the following features:

  • Acid Knife is set in a psychedelic world with pixelated 2D art.
  • This is a side-scrolling game where you need to play each level and collect objects, defeat assorted monsters, and move on to the next level.
  • The game needs improvisation, where you have to use what has been given to you to achieve your objectives.
  • A trailer of the game has been released, revealing an action level that involves collecting gems and killing death centipedes.
  • The game is under development, and the release date and more trailers are expected. It promises to be a game worth waiting for.

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