PAX Prime ’12 Interview: Andy Schatz Of Pocketwatch Games On Monaco

Our long list of indie interviews at PAX kicks off with Andy Schatz of Pocketwatch Games speaking to us about the highly anticipated top-down heist ‘em up Monaco.


Schatz touches on single player and co-op modes, the title’s general history, and more. Though the most interesting bit for my money is how the team went about making it a great game to play with friends on the couch–adding that the couch experience was what they wanted to capture in online co-op as well through sleek, easy to use menus/lobbies.


The game’s looking fantastic (and really has for years at this point), so we’re excited to hear that it’s finally ‘almost done’ in Schatz’s words. Look for the game to launch simultaneously on both PC and on at least one console.

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