Private Servers and MMO Games

A server is a powerful computer that provides services to other computers in a network. A private server is a server that is managed privately. Servers on the internet are generally very powerful machines that need to be managed properly. They need robust internet connectivity and uninterrupted power. Most servers are kept in a colocation center. Individuals can also buy servers that are available in the market. These servers are known as private servers.

Private servers can be used for various purposes. One of the popular usages of private servers is in the world of gaming. In the context of gaming, a private server is also known as a server emulator. The main feature of a private server is that it allows you to play a game version that is not present in the official server. The private server can be used to emulate an online server used for MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games).

The benefits and demerits

There are both benefits and demerits to the use of private servers in gaming. The benefits include:

  • The private server can be used to play all types of games, including versions not available for play.
  • One of the key benefits of private servers is that they can help you play a game that is not available in your geographic location. Games are sometimes restricted access to, with many conditions. A private server is a good way of overcoming these restrictions.
  • Players can even play games that have been discontinued and are no longer available officially.
  • Private servers are very popular in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI. It allows players an opportunity to meet other players online and develop a strong relationship with them.
  • Private servers support game modification (mod). New characters can be introduced in the game, and new abilities created, making the game more interesting.
  • Using private servers help gamers save money that needs to be paid for subscription fees or other fees that games charge.
  • A better social environment for players to enjoy, customization options, accelerate gameplay are some of the features in a private server that makes it beneficial for gamers.

However, there are demerits and issues related to private servers. They include:

  • Private servers are managed by individuals or a group of hobby gamers who do it for fun. There can be problems in the server and bugs. Smooth gameplay is not guaranteed.
  • A private server can be closed anytime, and members can be suspended anytime, creating a problem for gamers.
  • A private server is expensive and needs technical know-how to be able to create and manage.
  • Malware can be present in a private server, and it can be a risk for gamers.
  • The legality of private servers is an issue. When you play a game, you agree to terms and conditions, one of which prohibits the use of server emulators. This is technically illegal. The gaming company can initiate action to get it closed down.
  • Any private server that is making money through gaming or is running illegal software is illegal in the eyes of the law. Those who create the server may face lawsuits, though players may not face legal issues. However, if this is found out, then the official account of the players can be removed.

Top MMO games using private servers

One of the most popular games that made use of private servers was World of Warcraft. This was one of the most popular MMORPGs, and there were thousands of players who used private servers to play the game.

Ragnarok Online is a very popular MMORPG that is played on private servers. Playing on private servers allow players to get more experience points when they kill monsters. They can level up faster by playing on private servers. Just like Ragnarok, MU Online is another Korean game that has popular private servers. In this case, apart from the benefits, players are moving to private servers because of problems with the official server. Flyff Online is an anime MMORPG that allowed players to fly in the sky. The game is popular and is one of the top games having private servers. Metin 2 is another game with many private servers that are very active. The free gameplay and the addictive gaming experience has made the use of private servers popular.

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