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About the game

Geki Yaba: Runner is a typical runner game. It features a gnome who has to keep running with the mission of saving a princess. The game was originally released in 2016. Subsequently, in 2019, an anniversary special edition of the game was released that was titled as Geki Yaba: Runner Deluxe. The game was made available on the Nintendo Switch. It had additional features included in the original game.

The game is developed by Indie game developer Qubic games. Qubic has been working with Nintendo for nearly 14 years and has created games like Hyperparasite, Pocket Mini Golf, Space Pioneer, Wrecking Ball Adventure, and Robonauts.

The game has been published by Qubic. The game saw success as soon as it was released and became quite popular. This is a single-player game. The game belongs to two genres – racing and action. The action part of the game involves overcoming obstacles to reach the goal. The game is a runner, which means your gnome has to keep running through the game. As you run, you come across various obstacles, and the story keeps moving forward. Most running games have a concept of ‘run until death.' This running game is different as it has multiple levels of gameplay.

Story and plot

Geki Yaba Runner: Deluxe is played from the POV of a gnome, who is the main character of the game. The game is all about the gnome running through various obstacles and levels to achieve the game mission. The game mission, of course, is to save the princess. The story in the game is not elaborate but is interesting considering that runner games rarely have a detailed story. The story is played out through images that you need to stitch together. There are boss castles on the way that create problems for you. Transform into a beast to take on enemy bosses and proceed to your destination.


In the game, you start running through obstacles. One of the goals of the game is to collect socks. To clear a level and move ahead, you need to pick up a certain number of socks. The game looks easy like all runner games do, but, in reality, it is very tough. You need to pick up socks, clear obstacles, and escape from enemy bosses all together. The slightest mistake, and you will end up dead. In most runner games, the moment you are dead, the game is over, and you have to start from the beginning. Thankfully, this is not the case when it comes to this game. There are save points in the game, and you can continue playing from the last save point.

You should be ready to die at least a thousand times as you play this game. This is what makes it so difficult and challenging. This aspect of the game would make it interesting for gamers.

While most levels seem similar and you may feel bored, there is no doubt that the difficulty level throws a challenge to gamers to try and complete the entire game. You need to keep jumping to pick up socks and evade obstacles. You need to float in some places. You need to run fast and fall fast in some other places. Avoid the spikes, trees, and walls as they would kill you. You can ram your way through certain objects. To do all this, you don’t have time to think – you just need to keep moving along fast. It is definitely an addictive game that you would want to keep playing. You can easily play the game for at least four hours.

The game features

The following are the features of Geki Yaba: Runner – Deluxe:

  • The game is a runner action game created by Qubic games. The game, released in 2016, had new levels added on and was released as a special anniversary edition in 2019, with the name Geki Yaba: Runner: Deluxe.
  • The game has 130 levels through which you have to take your hero, the gnome, in his quest to save the princess.
  • The running game involves running through multiple obstacles and evading enemy bosses.
  • It is one of the toughest running game, and you need to be patient to play this game until completion.
  • Save points ensure you can continue from where you left off.
  • This single-player game can be played for hours to have a great time.

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