Robonauts – The Arcade Indie Game That You Should Get Your Hands On

Robonauts is a modern take on the classic arcade-action/shooting game released under Qubic Games. The game is supported on Nintendo Switch and can be played in PC, TV, or handheld modes. Since its initial release on September 15, 2017, the game has seen a steady increase in demand, garnering itself a reputation of being more than what it seems. With its simple yet challenging gameplay, a sprawling universe of 12 planetary systems, vibrant graphics, and slick background music, this game can be enjoyed by the amateur family gamers, as well as the professionals.

This game has been around for some time now, and its network is growing still. This only goes to show that the game is worth a try. If you haven’t already started on this awesome game or you're wondering why you should even try, here are some pointers that can help you decide:

A cut-scene that looks more like an awesome trailer

Developers knew exactly what they wanted with Robonauts, and that was a simple arcade-style shooting game. Nevertheless, the game is action-packed with an interesting story to tell. The game begins with an awesome cut-scene that looks fit for a high-budget sci-fi animated movie. An adorable robot that is presumably a cleaner hover around the compartments of a huge spaceship and stumbles into some kind of a control room sprawled with tech.

Out of curiosity and excitement, the little robot hops into one awesome robotic machine and starts fiddling with the controls, and checking out the vast planetary systems across the game's universe. By accident or not, it activates a mission, which, in turn, activates the machine’s rocket launcher. Next thing you know, the machine is flying super fast into space, and the helpless little robot is launched out from a capsule onto some planet. The capsule is investigated by some nasty alien creatures, and the little robot runs for its life. However, it is surrounded, and there’s no other option other than to face these creatures. At this point, the game shows you a short tutorial, and thus your fight for survival begins.

Straightforward gameplay

Take on your role as the adorable protagonist robot astronaut, or Robonaut, and shoot your enemies ruthlessly as you jump from one planet to another and win each level to open new “gateways.” The game starts off easy, allowing you to get the hang of things, but you would be wise not to underestimate the game. As your level increases, the difficulty also increases. It is a common occurrence that you will be stuck on one level for a long time, having to replay dozens of times. The fact that such a simple game can be so challenging is all part of its high appeal.

Features unique to the game

The battle amongst the stars

The game has 12 unique planetary systems that serve as the glorious sites for an intense battle. Each planetary system is bejeweled with planets made of vivid colors. You can enter different planetary systems through gateways that appear on completion of levels. The vibrant graphics with the upbeat techno house music makes for one thrilling gaming experience.

Defy gravity

Break all rules of gravity as you jump off from one planet to another mid-battle. You can switch to planets directly above or below you, giving you the flexibility to shoot the enemies from every which way.

Use tactics

The game supports a “tactical mode” where the game can be paused, and you can take a look at the map of your current level. The map points out the number of enemies you need to take out so that you can open a new gateway.


Robonauts can be played as both a single-player campaign as well as multiplayer, besides a “versus” mode. As of now, all multiplayer campaigns do not support online play. However,  the split-screen efficiency is like no other; you and your friend can have a smooth play.

Huge weaponry

There is an abundance of variety when it comes to weapons in this game. Each weapon also has its own firing style, from classic single-ray lasers to multiple firing machine guns to blast guns and so much more!

So, why should you play Robonauts?

Because it’s simple and doesn’t ask much of you except to annihilate every last enemy so that the adorable little robot can finally feel safe. It is really that simple.

Game Trailer

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