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About the game

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: Amulet of Chaos is a fantasy game that involves adventure. This is a game based on a popular audio series known as Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk. The series features adventures created by John Lang that is presented in the form of audio episodes available on the internet. Set in a medieval fantasy world, the series is about characters who enter a dungeon to find a statue that is needed to make an ancient prophecy come true. The series became so popular that it was also released as books and comic books.

The success of this series led to a game being developed based on the original creation. Indie developer firm, Artefacts Studio, is developing the game. This firm, based in France, has created games like ABC Murders, Edmund et Lucy, Moto Racer 4, Garfield Kart, and Tour de France. The game continues in the same vein as that of the book, retaining the characters and plot from the book. The game trailer has been released and has created a lot of interest. The game is expected to be released in the summer of 2020.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The game involves a group of characters who set out on a fantasy adventure to explore a dungeon and uncover its treasures. The characters are not the regular heroes, but a group of clumsy characters who join hands to become heroic. There is comedy in the story that revolves around the characters and their quirks. There are seven characters in this game. They are:

  1. a) The Ranger
  2. b) The Elf
  3. c) The Dwarf
  4. d) The Magician
  5. e) The Ogre
  6. f) The Thief


Each of the members has specific skills that can be upgraded as the game progresses. Their skills, when combined, help to defeat enemies and progress ahead in their dungeon exploration. The storyline is simple. A wizard sends a group of people to go to a dungeon and find a statue. The dungeon world has an evil boss called Zangdar.


The objective of the game is to defeat all the enemies you find on the way and set up an encounter with Zangdar. The original story made fun of the classic role-playing games and introduced parody characters that added to the fun quotient. We can expect the same from this game.

The gameplay

The game involves the exploration of a huge dungeon where there are traps that you need to escape. Gameplay involves cracking many puzzles to move ahead. You need to explore the area around you and collect treasures. You can pick up objects that make the game interesting and help you and your team of clumsy heroes. There are more than 100 enemies that await you, and you need to beat them in tough battles. This is not a straight battle but involves tactics that you need to plan and deploy if you want to win. Turn-based battles are the key elements of the gameplay, where team members can co-operate and work together to defeat the enemies.

Once you are done with all the enemies, you will have to face Zangdar in the final epic battle. There are two modes available. The story mode is the regular mode where you play as per the storyline. The nightmare is a special, challenging mode available for expert gamers. This is an extremely tough scenario, where the slightest mistake can knock you out of the game. There are two aspects of gameplay that you need to use if you want to win – one is strength, and the other is being smart. This single-player RPG is a fun adventure game with comedy, silly incidents, surprises, and tough fights with enemies.

The game features

The features of this game are:

  • Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: Amulet of Chaos is a fantasy game based on a highly popular audio series.
  • The game will be released sometime in 2020, and the trailer has made gamers eagerly await the game.
  • You play one of the seven interesting, quirky characters in this game, who are not the archetypal heroes.
  • The game involves dungeon exploration, solving puzzles, with the aim of defeating Zangdar and picking up a statue.
  • There are many situations in the game with conversations that affect the gameplay.
  • The game has turn-based combat and is available in a story mod,e as well as a nightmare mode.

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