Top 5 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Mods You Should Know

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, which was developed and published by Wolcen Studios, is a great new addition to the action RPG genre. This hack and slash dungeon crawler game was released for PC in February 2020, and there already is a list of amazing mods available that can further take your experience with this game to a higher level.

Now, before you start, here are the top five Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem mods you should try if you want to get the best out of the game:

Enhanced character options

To add more variety to the range of styles available for customizing your characters, this mod provides several new options to change your character's skin tone (three tones), eye (four colors), and hair (three female haircuts and 140 hues). And while all these options serve well for the offline mode, the skin and eye options are available for online mode as well. With a modified UI, you will have no problem adding these options to your game.

Dual wield two-handed weapons

This mod gives you the ability to dual wield two-handed weapons simultaneously while increasing your damaging power. This could even be the ultimate weapon to go with the enhanced customizable character options.

Wolcenshade FX – True HDR

Just when you thought this game couldn't get more visually appealing, Wolcenshade FX – True HDR comes right in to change your mind. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem looks amazingly attractive with this mod as it adds a higher level of depth, color, and visual effects to the game. The great look given to the game is made possible by combining color grading techniques and effects to imitate true HDR.

Better expeditions and legendaries (and rewards)

In this rewarding mod, the expeditions cover up to 30 different area modifiers where each modifier gives 100% more productivity points, as well as 200% ItemRarity and 10% ItemQuantity. You can earn more productivity points from the expeditions by killing Elites, and also win more gold after the completion of each expedition. But the more rewarding part of this mod is the option to apply to the Wrath of Sarisel Expeditions with just 100 Primordial Affinity, winning you further gold, productivity, and Primordial Affinity, as well as great end-rewards, including map/incense and legendary items.

This mod also includes some upgrades to the loot pool (excluding the unique loot pool) where only rare or higher loots (more interesting and legendary loots) will drop at higher levels, keeping the lower loots for lower levels. All legendaries will drop with four suffixes, four prefixes, maximum sockets, and can roll Sarisel, Uniques, and new flat damage affixes. The Hard Mode is also available in this mod, which can be accessed by changing the difficulty of the game to story mode or adventure mode.

2X Monsters

If you find the game not difficult enough or find yourself wanting to kill more enemies, this mod can give you the option to double the number of monsters and bosses/mini-bosses. You can also increase the difficulty by changing the multiplier for each enemy spawn, which is a straightforward method for which the instructions will be given along with the downloadable mod folder. This mod also allows you the option to customize your own 2x monsters with the help of a tool, also available with the downloadable folder. It is to be kept in mind, though, that this mod can't be used with the “Better expeditions and legendaries (and rewards)” mod, which has the Hard Mode game.

Though these mods pretty much sum up the top five list, there are several other worthwhile mods that you can check out on the Nexus Mods website, and all these mods can be freely downloaded from the website. Make sure to try out all these mods to see for yourself how they can drastically affect your whole gaming experience. And while you are at it, you can also watch the official release trailer of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem before you get your hands on the game.


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