What Does Moving Out, The New Aussie Indie Game, Entail?

About the game

If you have ever moved home, you would know what it entails. There is a lot of work involving packing goods properly, labeling them, and physically moving them to a new location. Then, of course, there is unpacking and settling down. A laborious process indeed! This is why most people prefer to use the services of movers who do a professional job while moving homes. Moving Out is a game that revolves around moving things from one place to another. The game is all about a moving company.

Moving Out is an upcoming game that is expected to be released in April 2020. The game is developed by Aussie Indie gaming company Team 17. This company is created by indie developers and has been involved in game development for nearly 30 years. More than 90 games have been released by Team 17, including Room, Raging Justice, Forged Battalion, Worms, and Alien Breed. Moving Out is their latest venture that has generated a lot of interest after the release of its trailer.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The game is all about a moving company that is named as F.A.R.T., short for Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician. As someone working for this company, you need to take up moving jobs to help people move homes. The game is all about moving things around. This is a co-operative game where you need to play along with a maximum of three players to move objects from a building to the moving truck that is waiting outside. While this sounds simple, it is not so in reality. Moving things requires a lot of skills, and there are puzzles involved in the moving operations.

The game plot is simple; it involves moving objects from one point to another. Three are many obstacles in the way. There are doors and windows that need to be crossed to move things. The answer to this is Physics! The game is presented as a physics-based simulator. Use the laws of physics by applying your mind and move things around easily. It is a co-op couch game where you join hands with friends and plan how to move things. You start as a small company and progress to more difficult jobs in different backgrounds. Many colorful characters make the game all the more interesting to play.

The gameplay

Moving things out involves lifting objects, tossing them, and sometimes even smashing obstacles. The background features buildings that are full of furniture. You need to move the furniture to the truck. It is easy moving smaller items, but for larger items, you need one more person. You can have two teams of two players to work together to complete jobs faster. The interesting part of the game is planning the moving work and distributing work among four people, which is an important element of gameplay. Apart from normal buildings, there are haunted houses and farms where you need to take up moving jobs.

The game is set in the 80s, and the cartoons and other elements of gameplay take you back to the 80s, making it a nostalgic game to play for gaming fans of that generation. The music also reminds of the 80s and is one of the attractions of the game. Some items are fragile and may break. The fun part of the game is, there is no penalty for breaking things. For those who love a riotous gaming experience, you can throw things out of the window and have fun. There will be 35 levels in the game, and they promise to be great fun. This moving game is fun to play and one you should look forward to.

The game features

This is what the game Moving Out entails:

  • This is a moving simulator game where you are part of a movers firm that needs to move things.
  • The game uses the laws of physics to move things around, and there are puzzles to crack and many obstacles to surmount.
  • Bruce the Koala, Professor Inkle the Octopus, and Sprinkles, a doughnut are some of the colorful characters who form part of the game.
  • You can play this game in the co-op mode with friends to make it more interesting. There is co-ordination needed to complete your task successfully.
  • An assist mode is available to help you play the game easily.
  • The game trailer has been released, and the official release is expected in April 2020.

The Game Trailer

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