What Makes Cris Tales Such An Anticipated Indie Game?

About the game

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Cris Tales is an indie game developed by Dreams Uncorpored. This forthcoming game is published by Modus Games. It is expected to be released in 2020. It is a classic JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) offered in a new perspective. The game trailer has been released and was showcased at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Los Angeles. The game is going to be released on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox One. The developer, Carlos Rocha, who is from Colombia, has brought in a Colombian style to the game with the architecture being inspired by his homeland.

The game involves time-shifting with the key character being able to move from the past to the present and the future and back. The game has an interesting storyline and has combats like most RPGs. The combats seem to be inspired by Final Fantasy. The game uses cartoon drawings for the visuals. Being a JRPG, the character sketches are Japanese. The rich colors in the game and the use of motifs from Colombian culture make the game interesting. This is a game that indie game lovers are anticipating eagerly.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The game’s central character is Crisbell (after whom the game is named). She has a unique power of being able to see what happens in the future and also know what has happened in the past. The Time Empress is the arch-villain in this story. The Empress has made a devious plot to destroy the world. It is up to Crisbell to foil her plans and save the world. It is not an easy task defeating the Empress and involves many challenges and quests.

The game set in the fictional world of Crystallis has four kingdoms across which Cris must traverse to complete her mission. She meets several characters on the way with whom she allies. Each of these allies has a story of their own, which needs to be understood. Cris needs to bring in more allies on board and start taking on the enemies. Fighting can be through regular combat or can be done using Crisbell’s special time skills. The past and each future of every area in the game can be unraveled. A total of 20 hours of gameplay awaits you in this game.

The gameplay

The key element of the game is the time mechanics. In other games of this type, characters can move or see from one time zone to another. In this game, all three zones – the past, present, and future can be seen at the same time on one screen. As Cris moves ahead, she can see the past of each building or place and know what has happened. She can also predict what will happen in the future at this place. Crisbell can only view the past and future; she cannot time travel – this is a distinct feature of the game that makes it different.

Here is where Crisbell has help on hand. She finds a friend Matias, a yellow frog. The frog has the unique time talent of being able to move from the past to the present and the future. This allows Crisbell and Matias to join hands and complete missions that require them to time travel. Interestingly, every action taken will have its consequences in the future. This creates the interesting possibility of the game unraveling a different storyline each time it is played. The turn-based combat promises to be interesting in this single-player game. The voice dialogues add an extra feature to make the game more interesting and increasing its await quotient.

The game features

Here’s all that you can expect from Cris Tales:

  • This is a JRPG inspired by Colombian culture. The game whose trailer is out is expected to be released sometime this year.
  • It is described as a love letter to JRPGs like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Persona.
  • The game has turn-based combat where players get to battle in turns.
  • The 2D art is rich in colors and makes the game look attractive.
  • The game has an interesting storyline, and it involves the journey of the heroine to save the world by finding allies.
  • There are many locations in this fictional world, making the game all the more interesting.
  • It is one of the most anticipated games of 2020.

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