What Makes Luigi’s Mansion 3 Such an Amazing Action-Adventure Game?

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The game

Luigi’s Mansion is an action-adventure game that is developed by Next Level Games. The game is published by Nintendo, who is offering the game on the Nintendo Switch platform. The game is available in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The game was released in 2019. It is the third game in the Luigi Mansion series. The original game was Luigi Mansion, released in 2001. The game had a sequel called Luigi Mansion: Dark Moon, released in 2013. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the sequel to Dark Moon.

The game features the popular Nintendo character, Luigi. Everyone knows about Mario, the highly popular character from Nintendo. There are numerous games featuring Mario. Luigi is Mario’s brother. While Luigi has been a supporting character in the Mario games, Luigi has had the main role in seven different games from Nintendo. The Luigi Mansion series is prominent among these. Interestingly, Luigi looks similar to Mario. While Mario is shown with red clothes, Luigi has green clothes.

The hero

Unlike Mario, who is portrayed as a brave superhero, Luigi is timid by nature. Mario is ready to take on adventures and gets angry very fast, allowing him to take on his enemies fiercely. Luigi gets scared very fast and is not all that brave. In fact, he prefers to run away from danger. It is the timid nature of Luigi that makes him a comic action hero. The Luigi Mansion game series is the story of a reluctant hero who gets thrown into all sorts of situations and manages to come out of it.

Even though the game is part of a series, there is no interconnectedness in terms of the story. This is a standalone game. You can play it even if you have not played the other games in the series. The Luigi Mansion series mostly features haunted mansions, and this game continues in the same lieu. Here, the hero, along with his friends, is on holiday. To their shock, they find that the hotel where they are staying is, in reality, a haunted house. Their adventures in the haunted mansion form the rest of this fun action game.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The game characters

The story features most of the popular Nintendo characters. They include:

  1. Luigi, the central character of the game.
  2. Mario, Luigi’s brother, a well-known popular adventurer.
  3. Polterpup, Luigi’s dog, which is actually a ghostly animal.
  4. Princess Peach, the heroine of the Mario series.
  5. Toads, attendants to the princess.
  6. King Boo, the arch-enemy of Luigi who has appeared in this series before.
  7. Professor E. Gadd, a scientist who helps Luigi and Mario in their adventures through his invention.
  8. Virtual Boo, a digital assistant, created by the Professor.
  9. Hellen Gravely, the owner of the hotel that Luigi and his friends visit.
  10. Gooigi, Luigi’s clone made from Jello material

Apart from these characters, many other assorted ghosts haunt Luigi and trouble him in his mission.

The story

Luigi and his friends are visiting a hotel called the Last Resort. They have received an invitation from the hotel and have decided to take a vacation. They check in to the hotel and then retire for the night. Luigi wakes up at night and suddenly finds that the hotel has become a haunted mansion. All his friends have gone missing. It is now up to Luigi to find out what has happened to his friends and rescue them.

Luigi discovers that the invitation to the hotel was a plot by his arch-enemy King Boo to take revenge on him and his friends. The hotel owner, Hellen Gravely, is a ghost who’s hand-in-glove with King Boo. He finds that his friends have been captured and imprisoned within the portraits in the mansion. Luigi flees from the spot to prevent being captured. He then finds the scientist Professor E Gadd imprisoned in the basement and saves him.

Luigi has two assistants to help him- one is a virtual assistant, Boo, and later on in the game, a clone Gooigi comes to help him. Luigi has to explore each of the floors on the haunted mansion. He encounters many ghosts, and he defeats them. He is able to rescue Mario, and then the brothers have to rescue the others. The rest of the game involves saving all his friends and releasing them from their portraits. The game ends with Luigi and friends defeating King Boo and his band of ghosts.


The plot of the game involves Luigi’s search for his friends. There are two approaches to this game. One is the single-player mode and the other multiplayer. In the single-player mode, you have to explore the 15 floors of the hotel-turned haunted mansion. It is an open-ended game that allows you to explore the hotel. Elevator buttons are missing, and you need to find it if you want to gain access to certain floors of the hotel. In the multiplayer mode, you can play along with seven other players together. It allows you to play as a team. There are two teams – Team Luigi and Team Gooigi. Catching ghosts helps you earn points.


Playing Luigi’s Mansion 3

The gameplay does not involve just action but has humor. Some of it is unintentional, thanks to the timid hero who initially tries to run away to escape from the ghosts. The gibberish English and the virtual assistant add humor to the game. The animation is of good quality with different themes on each floor of the hotel. The changing background adds an element of interest to the game. It is, like other games in the series, a hunt and chase game involving chasing away ghosts while trying to complete an objective.

The gameplay involves battling ghosts throughout the game. The final battle is with Luigi’s principal enemy King Boo. Battling ghosts involves strategy. There are different types of ghosts on each of the floors of the haunted hotel. You need to handle these ghosts differently. Thanks to Professor E Cadd, you have the Poltergust G-00, a new weapon. You can use this weapon in different ways to blow away the ghosts or smash them up.

The addition of Gooigi in the game makes it interesting. Gooigi can travel through pipes easily since he is made of Jello. He helps Luigi in all his missions. The game involves many puzzles that need to be solved. There are secret doors and other places to explore in the game. While during the initial part of the game, you need to find keys to get out of the room, the latter parts involve tougher puzzles. There are tougher opponents as the game progresses. Defeating them is not so easy.

Game elements

The game can be played for more than 15 hours, at least one per each floor. It allows you hours of fun play through various puzzles and challenges. There are things to collect in the game; for instance, elevator buttons. Your weapon has a vacuum that allows finding things and sucking them into your bag easily. You will find a lot of cash and coins as you play. You can use this money in the lab of Prof. Gadd. You can find ghost locators and even get extra lives that will really be helpful. When you play in the multiplayer mode, you can play in teams of eight members. Apart from the usual ghostbusting, there are many other things, like finding toads.

Game features

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an exciting and fun-filled action-adventure game. The game has interesting features like:

  • The game is focused on Luigi, who needs to find his missing friends in a haunted mansion, even as he takes on King Boo and his ghosts.
  • The game has both single-player and multiplayer options.
  • You have the Poltergust G-00 weapon to defeat ghosts and vacuum them away.
  • The game involves solving puzzles and finding elevator buttons to travel through the different floors of the haunted hotel.
  • Each floor in the hotel has a different theme (Egyptian, Hollywood, Medieval, and so on) that makes the game interesting.
  • The game features a clone of Luigi called Gooigi, who makes the gameplay interesting. You can form teams under Luigi and Gooigi when you play in the multiplayer mode.
  • The ScareScraper multiplayer mode allows you to play in a timed game that adds more excitement.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 continues in the same way as all other Nintendo games. It involves Luigi, his brother Mario, and the other popular Nintendo characters. This is an action game with puzzles and an interesting storyline. This is an enjoyable game with a timid hero. It is a fun game with a lot of innovative features. It is a must for all those who love Luigi and Mario.

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