What Makes Oxenfree Such a Playable Indie Game?

About the game

Oxenfree is a supernatural adventure game that has been created by Indie game developers Night School Studio. This game is the first offering of this development firm based in Glendale, California. The game is published by the developers themselves.

The game was released for Windows, PlayStation4, and Xbox One in 2016. The next year, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game were released. The success of the game has led to a film adaption being planned. The game has received highly positive reviews from critics and game players. The narrative and story of the game have been highly appreciated.

The game is a teen adventure game with a supernatural narrative. The game revolves around a group of teenagers who go to an island and experience various supernatural events. The players need to identify the supernatural force that is at work on the island and figure out what to do with it. The game is story-driven and has an interesting narrative that makes the game exciting to play. Apart from the adventure part, the other interesting part of this game is the relationships between the characters. This has made the game highly popular.

Story and plot

Alex is a teenager who is trying to get over her feelings after the death of her brother Michael. She has a new stepbrother Jonas and is trying to get to know him better. She and her stepbrother, along with other friends Ren, Nona, and Clarissa, decide to go to an island to relax. They visit some of the caves on the island they are in. They experience various supernatural events. As a result, they faint, and some of them end up in another part of the island. The game story develops involving ghosts and other supernatural occurrences. There are multiple endings in the game that make it highly interesting.


One of the elements of the gameplay involves using radiofrequency to get information. There are icons that you can see, which will allow you to tune your radio to get signals. There are many game objectives to complete, and you need to explore the island with Alex and her friends to do it. You can proceed in any way you want. The story moves along as you proceed in the game. The relationship between characters has an effect on the game. There are dialog trees, and you have an option to decide what you want to say.

What you say and how you interact with others has a bearing on the relationship with others. This has an impact on the game. In fact, the ending of the game is extremely interesting as you are put in a time loop. You have multiple endings possible, and you can choose any of them. You have to choose wisely so that you can end the game; else, you will be put in a loop back into the game. Another option available is to choose your companion while playing the game. Each of the characters has a unique contribution to the game through his/her story.

The supernatural elements of the island can be accessed through the radio that Alex has. You need to tune in to the frequency to catch the signal. There is a time travel element in the game that puts the game in a loop. The structure of the conversations between characters is interesting and helps define their relationships. This is a coming of age teen adventure game that is definitely enjoyable. The game pace is a bit slow for those who prefer fast-paced games.

The game features

The following are the features of the game that make it so playable:

  • The game Oxenfree is a supernatural teen adventure game that revolves around a group of teens facing supernatural experiences on an island.
  • The game is story-driven and has dialog trees that determine the game's progress.
  • Your choices determine the game's progress, and this makes the game interesting.
  • There are multiple endings in this game, and how you play determines how the game ends.
  • There is even a looping game that will bring you back into the game even after it ends; this depends on the choice you make.
  • There is a radio, and the signals received through the radio have a bearing on the game.
  • The supernatural element and the relationship between characters is what makes this game so interesting.

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