What Makes RuneScape Still a Playable MMO?

Since World of Warcraft made an entry in the world of RPGs, things have changed drastically for the gaming fraternity. The most important factors that differentiate RuneScape (RS) and the games played these days are higher levels of intellect and commands used today than required for RS and the premise of the game. But there are several reasons why RS is still extremely popular- things that are unique to RS and not commonly found in MMORPGs these days.

It’s liberating

RS’s creators at Jagex have hands-down earned a spot as the pioneers in RPGing, but this sandbox MMO has long since allowed players to be ‘free’ to do what they want to do once they’re in. Not interested in combating and just earning currency, or girding, or improving your skill at farming, being a smith, cooking, or even thieving? Then RS is the place for you. If you want a particularly relaxing experience in a platform that still receives regular updates from the developers, like magical places, Arc Islands, and Menaphos, then stick to the old-school version. Those interested in the more complex PvP or PvMs can switch to the modern version of the game that has a little both of both on offer.

Interested in explorations?

Some people still prefer their game to be an immersive experience while playing, whether they are bossing or simply grinding. That’s easy with RS. When a player is exploring a town, they can enjoy the views of the mills, churches, water supplies, markets, anvils, castles, and so on. The newer versions of RS also include the ‘Elite Dungeons,’ which mimic the popular treasure hunting or raids available in other games. But irrespective of what you are doing in the game, you get the feeling of being totally involved in it, rather than just completing one task and moving to the next. In fact, the next PK on your game may just be an aberration than the actual objective.

More than player freedom

The game is not just a liberating, interesting experience; it is also free for many levels. Gamers interested in going up to, let’s say level 40, can do so without paying any subscription, and earn plenty of RS currency while doing so. Some of the currency can be used to get a subscription for the paid levels on the game. Needless to say, the complexity of the game and level of detail is higher in the higher levels, but even the basic, starting levels of the games have content you can’t just breeze by.


Few members of the gaming community are of the opinion that some of the more competitive, combat-driven RPGs that are good sources of income too tend to have toxic communities. Not so with RS. Players here can slide right back into their favorite game, like getting back on their cycle from their school days. With the Android and iOS versions of the games now available, it’s more accessible to people of all ages and gaming capabilities, not requiring heavy investments in equipment to improve their gaming skills.

It’s a buffet

The loudest complaints of people with a shred of innovation and creativity for most MMORPGs is that they follow a strict pattern. It usually involves multiple kills, upgrading to the next level, and adding to their personal treasure trove to help them with the next activity. After reaching a certain point, the thrill of a major PvE win is just not that good enough. With RS, you get the chance to create your own gameplay. You start at level 0, where you’re just an ordinary player exploring a new world. As you learn more skills and gain more assets, the thrill of being a part of a ‘wholesome’ gaming experience lingers. You want to go on that next hunt or quest, or learn that spell, not because you will earn something in return, but simply because it’s an experience there for you to add to your repertoire. It’s no linear trajectory to get from point A to point B; it’s a rich spread you can savor and still make your next kill.


Perhaps the most important attraction point of the game is what the players get out of it. With some games, you have an increase in health by 3% after a maneuver that lasted two hours. It just doesn’t seem that satisfactory. But with RS, the creators know how to keep the momentum alive. When you’re on a grind, and you get a drop, it’s a MAJOR loot with a lot of currency or tools or skill level. With a large number of characters and skills unique to them involved, getting a large reward can be extremely satisfactory on a personal level to the player. You feel motivated to make the next conquest to see how much ‘richer’ the game can make you.

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