What Makes The Big Con So Special As An Indie Game?

About the game

A con is a common term used to describe the process of cheating or deceiving someone. The big con is a massive con where many people are cheated. The game ‘The Big Con’ is all about a big con that the game’s central character plans and executes. Unlike most cons, this is not done to cheat people and defraud them. It’s a con done to protect your interest. The key characters want to save her mother’s store, and teach all those who are planning to close down the store, a lesson. This is done by conning them in innovative ways.

The Big Con is a game set in the 90s and features a con artist who is an awkward teen. The game trailer has been released and has received positive feedback from the gaming world. The game is right now under development, and the release date is not yet announced but is most likely to be sometime this year. The Big Con is a game developed and published by developers The Mighty Yell. This gaming company is based in Toronto and has a small team of developers bringing out their first game in the market.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

You are Ali, a teen studying in high school in this game. Your mom runs a video store, and unfortunately, loan sharks are threatening the store. $97,368 is the amount to be paid to the loan sharks. If the amount is not paid, they are going to take over the store and cause serious problems for your family. At band camp right now, you decide to run away and help your mom and save the store. You decide that the only way you can get so much money is by conning people using different ways.

The game involves the main character traveling around and trying to find victims to con. You need to get money from people in whatever way you can. You can pick their pockets or con them by selling stuff that you got from somewhere else. The game involves many characters, including Ali’s mom (with whom she constantly fights). Some of the characters in the game are likable, and you may decide not to con them. You may even want to help them. This is an adventure game that is funny, interesting to play and has puzzles and all types of characters.

The gameplay

The gameplay involves conning, and as you would expect, it is not so easy. You are likely to come across some characters who are easy to con, but most of them aren’t. Hence, you need to wear disguises and think of innovative ways to pull off a con. There are puzzles that you will encounter as you play this game. Solving these puzzles will help you achieve your quest. As you play, you will find interesting collectibles that can help you get money.

This is a narrative game involving meeting people, conversing with them, and conning them. Some of the characters would prove to be friends who may even help you. Like a good con artist, you need to talk your way through situations to achieve the goal. There are hilarious scam options that come your way, and you need to use them to get satisfying results. The game has comedy, adventure, and fun and will definitely be one that most people will enjoy.

The game features

The Big Con has the following features that make it special as an Indie game:

  • This is a game set in the 90s and features a teen who has to con people to make money.
  • The game objective is for the teen to make money to save her mom’s video store, which is being eyed by loan sharks.
  • The game involves meeting different kinds of characters and deciding how to con them to get money.
  • The teen can steal, pickpocket, or do what she wants to get money. She can even decide not to con someone but instead help them.
  • The relationship between the teen and her mother is one of the highlights of the game, which makes it so special.
  • It is a comedy game, where you need to cheat others and do it fast. There are hilarious situations that make the game fun to play.
  • There are collectibles in the game that you will find, and they will be of use as you progress in the game.

Game Trailer

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