What to Expect from Eastward?

About the game

Eastward is the story of a little girl in a post-apocalyptic world. It is a game featuring a journey through a strange land. It is an adventure game with many key elements of an RPG. The game involves elements of magic that would make it a highly interesting one.

Eastward is currently under development, and the trailer has been released. The game elements, as showcased in the trailer, has generated interest among gaming fans and critics alike. Along with the trailer, a game demo has also been released. This demo can be played only for a limited duration and allows players to get a feel of the game.

The release date of the game is not yet known. It is believed that the game is under beta testing. Feedback from players who play the demo will be incorporated into the final version. The game has been developed by indie game developers Pixpil Games. Pixpil is a game development firm in Shanghai. Eastward is the first offering of Pixpil, who is looking to make a name for themselves through this game. Chuckle Fish Ltd. is publishing the game. The Irish studio Hyperduck Soundworks is developing the sound design for the game.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The detailed storyline and plot of Eastward are not yet known. Whatever information is available comes from the trailer and limited demo. The game is set in the future. This is a society that has been through an apocalypse. The population of the world has collapsed to an all-time low. There are ruins everywhere, and times are difficult. One of the main characters in the game is a miner called John. While working underground, he comes across a secret facility. In this place, he finds a girl called Sam.

Sam and John escape from the town. There is a mystery about Sam that the two decide to find out about. Sam has magical powers, which helps them survive in dangerous situations. The surrounding forests are extremely scary and are full of monsters. These deadly creatures slaughter all those they come across and can wipe out an entire town. The two must escape these monsters and move ahead journeying through forests, towns, and campsites.

The gameplay

The game uses pixel art that is extremely rich and is visually appealing. There is 3D lighting used in the game to enhance the quality of pictures. The artwork has a retro style. The game involves many puzzles that need to be solved to move ahead. Sam and John need to use various resources to tackle the monsters. They can even use bombs to smash the creatures. The characters are full of life, and minute elements like characters yawning and hair blowing in the wind create an appeal that makes the game great to play. The animation is one of the key features of this game.

The two characters are a contrast with John being gruff and Sam being sprightly. John uses whatever he gets, including frying pans, to swat the enemy. Sam has magical powers that make the game delightful. She can freeze the enemy and do many other tricks to help defeat the creatures. There would be many items and weapons that the two can use as the game proceeds. The two need to work together to clear many puzzles. A coordinated effort is needed in the game. Even though the game is single-player, it has co-op elements.

The game features

The following features let you know what to expect from Eastward:

  • Eastward is a game that is yet to be released, and a trailer and demo have been showcased by the developers.
  • The game features the journey of a miner and a girl he finds to find out the secret of the girl.
  • The girl has magical powers, and the two must battle a variety of monsters and even man-eater plants as they move ahead in the game.
  • There are enemy bosses who need to be defeated as they progress in the game. They have many weapons to use and can find items and upgrades that will help them.
  • The game’s highlight is the animation and pixel artwork. It has won accolades already. The soundtrack is another highlight of the game.
  • The game allows you to play from the point of view of both characters, allowing co-op gaming in a single-player game.

Game Trailer

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