What to Expect from Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch?

About Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is an exercise-action RPG. It is a unique game concept that involves playing a fantasy game where you defeat a dragon and exercise at the same time.

One of the complaints people have with video games is that it negatively affects the health of people. People sit in front of their computer or console for hours together playing games. Sitting for a long time is not good for your health. This game is, though, one with a difference. It is not a game that you play sitting. You need to play this through physical activity. It is a game that makes you exercise and thus gives you fun and fitness at the same time.

This unique combination made this game extremely popular, and more than two million copies of the game have been sold worldwide. This is one of the all-time bestseller games on Nintendo Switch. The game is so popular that it is not available anywhere for sale. As the world struggles to cope with the Coronavirus pandemic, most people are locked down. They would like to spend time on entertainment and keep fit. This game gives them that opportunity. This exercise-fantasy game is one that every gaming fan must play.

The game has its origins in the game Wii Fit that was released by Nintendo. While the former was a pure fitness game, this game blends fitness and fantasy gaming, making it so popular. The game has two items that are needed to play. One is a Ring-Con, which is a plastic ring that the player has to hold to play the game and exercise. The other item is a leg strap that is worn on the leg. These two items are what make this a fitness game. The game is developed and published by Nintendo and is released on its Switch platform. The single-player game was released in October 2019.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The game characters

The main character in this game is a girl who is an athlete (which explains the fitness part). The athlete has a sentient ring that she needs to use in the game. The Ring Con that the player use matches with the ring the central character uses in the game. The enemy in this game is a dragon. The dragon is a bodybuilder named Dragaux. The dragon has many monsters working for it. These are the characters in this fitness-action game.

What is the game about?

The game is all about the athlete taking on the monsters and Dragaux. During the game, there are fitness routines that the player can carry out using the Ring Con and the leg strap. These routines correspond with the actions of the player in the game. The game has an overworld, as well as a dungeon world. The player has to move the athlete through these worlds. At every stage, there would be monsters itching for a fight. The player needs to use the Ring con as a weapon to fight with the monsters. Killing the monsters becomes more challenging as the game proceeds, and every kill earns points, which can be used to gain power, that is, do additional exercises that can destroy monsters easily.

The game is set in 20 different worlds, each of which is vibrant and well-designed. You never get bored or feel that things are repetitive. There are 250 levels within the game that allow you to have a great experience. This is the adventure mode in the game that allows you to enjoy a fantasy-action game and be fit at the same time. If you are not interested in the fantasy game and just want to be fit, then you can opt for the fitness mode. In this mode, there are no monsters to defeat. The character does exercise routines on the screen, and you need to replicate these routines.

The game has several mini-games that add an element of variety. Crate washer is a mini-game, where you need to blast apart crates to win. Squattery wheel is a pottery game where you need to perform squats to make pots. Robo-wrecker is where you use your exercise routines to destroy robots. The mini-games can be played by yourself, or you can even invite your friends to play it in the multiplayer mode. A new update added a Rhythm mode to the game. This mode plays a soundtrack- you can exercise to it and match the rhythm. There is a multitask mode, where you can keep exercising as you do other things and still gain game points.

The gameplay

The gameplay requires you to use the Ring Con and the leg strap. This puts you in sync with the character on the screen, so that you operate the ring con to defeat monsters to carry out routines shown on the screen. Whether you are a regular gym-goer or are new to exercise routines, using the Ring con is easy, and it can help you burn calories and tone up your physique. Most of the exercises can easily be done by anyone, which explains the game’s popularity among people of all age groups. Those with health issues can consult a doctor before trying out the difficult routines.

There are a total of 60 different exercises included in this game. There is a guide within the game, known as Tipp, who can guide you on doing these exercises in the best way. All exercises were designed by a yoga instructor and fitness trainer. Most people have an exercise routine of around thirty minutes a day. If you follow such a routine, you will need around three months to complete the game. This is only in the adventure mode. Once you are done with that, you can move to the other modes to continue enjoying the game and to keep going with your exercise routine. As you keep playing, you get to earn points.

The points you earn in the game are useful as they help you level up. The more points you get, the more new routines you get to play. To move in the game, you need to sprint, jog, and run from your place. You need to wear the leg strap and use the ring as you carry out your routines, and the player moves on the screen. There are many movements that can be easily done using accessories. Squeezing the ring con device allows you to jump obstacles. To defeat monsters, you need to run through exercise routines.

Shoulder presses can kill enemies, and if you are running out of health, do some yoga to get a health refill. You will find launch pads in the game that you can use if you perform squats. There is a huge range of exercises, all of which affect the gameplay. You get to play an amazing game with a great experience while working up a sweat at the same time. Some of the exercises can be really tough, so watch out. You can combine your game time with your exercise routine to enjoy the benefits of this great game.

Game features

If you manage to get your hands on Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch, then these are the things you can expect from this great game:

  • The game involves fantasy action where the lead character traverses through dungeons, killing monsters and setting up an encounter with a deadly dragon.
  • The game comes with an exercise ring that the player needs to use to play this game. As the player uses this ring, the character moves and attacks opponents.
  • Jogging, sprinting, squats, and high knee moves are some of the exercise routines the player needs to use to play this game.
  • With more than 250 levels, the fantasy game has enough content for players to enjoy the game while exercising and being fit at the same time.
  • Players can choose to ignore the game and just go through fitness routines. They can even choose to listen to blistering music while they carry out their exercise routine.
  • Players can even check their pulse rate as they play the game.
  • The game developed by Nintendo for its Switch platform is one of its all-time hits.


Ring Fit Adventure is a one-of-its-kind game. With fantasy adventure involving monsters and a dragon, it has the RPG elements that fans of the genre would love. The game is an out-and-out exercise game. You can play the game only when you exercise. With multiple levels and many modes, players can remain fit and tone up their muscles while playing this all-time super hit game from Nintendo. This is one game that gamers, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone who loves to work out should play.

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