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Help Will Come Tomorrow, which is set to release in April 2020 by publisher Klabater and developer Arclight Creations, has caught quite the attention of the survival game genre lovers. Set in 1917 during the end of World War I period, and amidst the chaos in Russia with the abdication of Nicholas II and the October Revolution also on the rise, the story-driven game presents a group of people stranded in the Siberian Backwoods after surviving a disastrous Trans-Siberian train crash.

With its historical backstory, Help Will Come Tomorrow surely has a lot to offer, including amazing features. And before you go any further, here is all you need to know about the survival game:

Basic mechanics

Stranded in the frosty wilderness of Siberia, the players are set with a task to survive in a group of nine unique characters by exploring the surroundings and gathering resources, and taking care of the basic needs of the group. The survival of the players is even more guaranteed by expanding their camps and securing them. But their survival is not limited to just these basic survival tactics; there is a far greater challenge ahead of them as they are faced with prejudices and social class conflicts. The players must identify and figure out each character's personality and social background, with each unique character coming from one of the three social classes.

The players, however, can work on their selfish motives to survive, but cooperation comes a long way when it comes to keeping a clean conscience and surviving against the social conflicts, along with the ever-changing harsh weather conditions and the danger (in the form of wild animals) that awaits in the wilderness. And so, they must work together to alleviate the conflicts and take care of the group's morale to survive until rescue arrives.

Features of Help Will Come Tomorrow

Help Will Come Tomorrow comes with a list of many great features, including the chance to learn about each unique character's past and personal stories, to manage their relationships to overcome the hostility among the different class groups, and boost their morale. Get yourself engrossed in the story-driven game with the amazing backdrop of 1917 pre-Bolshevik Imperial Russia. While all these features may be equally interesting enough, some of the more important features are emphasized below:

Character relationships

The game is centered around the personal connections between the survivors as they cooperate to beat class hostilities within the group. Each character's attributes and how the relationships between the characters are handled can greatly impact how the game will turn out.

Management of resources for survival

Help Will Come Tomorrow will require the players to oversee the scarce resources, such as to build camps, as they try to survive in the challengingly cold wilderness of Siberia, which will get increasingly more challenging as you progress through the levels. There are threats everywhere, as the players are likely to get killed by the frost or wild animals or be defeated by other characters, not unless they work together. The players can also boost their chances of survival by upgrading their camps.

High-risk expeditions and exploration system

The exploration system of the game involves several narrative events as the players take turns to go on risky expeditions looking for resources and hidden areas. The players need to be fully equipped before they go out to explore the surroundings as it can be dangerous.

As the game is set with a real historical backdrop with people from different origins and social classes, it makes for an immersing story and not just another survival game. It is a game that will test your survival instincts and mitigating capabilities. You will not be disappointed with the game as it comes with many great challenges and will keep getting more challenging as you go higher up the levels. And while you wait for the game's release, have a look at the game trailer to get a better grasp of Help Will Come Tomorrow. The game will be available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows.

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