What’s So Special About Archgate: The New VR MMO?

About the game

Archgate is an upcoming massively multiplayer game that is going to make use of VR or Virtual Reality. It is a game that will use third-person combat for the gameplay. The game is expected to introduce social gameplay. Roleplay-as-a-service is one of the features that this game is going to have. The game developers have projected the game as a platform for those who create quality content. The game’s features that have been announced make it a virtual reality show for viewers. These features have created a lot of expectations from the game that looks to be very promising.

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The trailer of the game has been released, which is what has created so much interest in the game. It is expected that the game will be released sometime in 2021. The game is developed by Samdosoft. This indie development firm is known for creating enterprise software, as well as entertainment software. The game has been in development for three years now, and a lot of effort has gone into it, which is obvious from the trailer. The developers have hinted that they will use a subscription model on a monthly basis.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

This game from the Prague-based company is one that uses Virtual reality. It is titled Archgate: Pride and Accomplishment. The multiplayer game is set in a fantasy fictional world with Kings and warriors who take on enemies. From the early trailer, the storyline and plot are not yet clear. The trailer has focused more on the game features and gameplay elements. From the trailer, it seems that the game would involve quests and combats with a variety of monsters and deadly creatures. There are powerful bosses in the game who need to be defeated.

There will be treasure hunts in the game to get hold of unique items that are needed to move ahead in the game. There are mysteries in the game that need to be solved, along with puzzles that have to be cracked. There are clues to be found that have to be followed up to solve mysteries. Being a multiplayer game, co-operative gameplay is a part of the game. There would be many types of weapons that warriors can use to defeat their enemies. The developers would have game masters and voice actors who would ensure the game is more engaging.

The gameplay

Social gameplay is a promised game feature. There would be a lot of interaction and co-operative gameplay needed with other players. The game trailer promises an intense game where you may be expected to sacrifice yourself or betray your allies if you want to win the game. Political systems will play a role in the game. Spying, infiltrating the enemy camp, and assassinations are features of the game. Permadeath is a game element that promises high-risk campaigns that will be tough and allow true heroes to emerge. Player-individuality is one of the promised elements in the game with unique items for each player. The developers promise that quests in the game will be non-instanced. This ensures that events come up spontaneously.

You may be back-stabbed at any time, which calls for you to be alert at all times. It is possible that a mystery may be so tough, you cannot solve it for years together. Game masters will moderate the game and can create enemies instantly to enhance the gaming experience for players. Tournaments, quests, and social gameplay combine to offer a reality show experience for game viewers. The developers have promised a monthly subscription model, where the number of members will be limited to ensure quality gaming. This will not only ensure enjoyable gameplay but will help players form strong relationships with each other.

The game features

The following features explain what’s so special about Archgate:

  • This is an upcoming Virtual reality massive multiplayer game that will be released in 2021.
  • The game offers third-person combat experience for players who need to use co-operative gameplay to succeed.
  • The VR would offer great graphics at a toy scale that would look great.
  • The developers would provide role-playing services with voice actors and game masters interacting with the game world.
  • Social gameplay will be a feature with intrigue, spying, assassination, and brutal fights with powerful opponents.
  • The game will prove to be a reality show for viewers, offering a great experience.

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