What’s So Special About Orange County, The Skateboarding Game?

About the game

Orange County is a horror game in the retro style. It is a game that takes you back to the old horror games of the PS1. So, you have a horror game of the old style, and you add skateboarding into it. Yes! This game is skateboarding meets horror games.

Just imagine the situation when you are escaping from nameless horrors. It is dark at night, and there are ghosts and other soulless creatures behind you. Escaping from them is your priority, but you need to do it on a skateboard. This is the essential aspect of this game.

Orange County is a free game available online on the itch.io platform. The game has been created by an Indie developer known as Pastasfuture. The developer has created two games, one being Orange County, and the other, Gray Water. Both these games are available on the itch.io platform. If you are a fan of horror games and like the interesting skateboard element in it, then this game must be included in your ‘to play’ list.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The game is quite simple and does not involve any intricate plot or storyline. The game is one of a series of retro horror games made for the itch.io platform. The game was presented in a package ‘Haunted PS1 Summer Spooks.’ The game has been described as a survival horror game, where the main character in the game needs to survive by escaping from various horrors. The game is set at night, making it more eerie and creepy. There are various procedurally generated horrors that crop up in this pixelated game that reminds you of old favorites.

There are many strange things to be found in this game. The beige and Elon’s children are two references made in the game that tell you about the horrors you can experience in this game. Your aim in this game is simple- you need to escape from the horrors. The job of escaping is tough since you are doing it at night. You are on the road running away, and there are cars speeding and coming in your direction. To add to the horror, you are not running but are on a skateboard, making the game all the more difficult.

The gameplay

This is a simple game that does not have many intricate elements. It is very easy to play this game. All you need to do is keep moving on a skateboard, escaping the horrors of Orange County. The game is one that is procedurally-generated. You need to watch out for the cars coming fast at you. The game can be frustrating as you can get hit by an oncoming car, and that’s it- the game is over. If you escape the cars, then there are other horrors awaiting you in this survival horror game.

Moving the character in the game is the main aspect of the gameplay. Since skateboarding is involved, it takes time to understand how to move the character in the direction you desire, and at the speed you desire. The controls are simple but need a bit of practice. You may end up crashing into cars at the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, you will find the game interesting and fun to play. There are various other things in the background, like vending machines and buildings that create an interesting atmosphere.

The game features

The following are the features of Orange County that makes it so special:

  • Orange County is a free game that reminds you of old PS1 horror games. The game is available for free on the itch.io website and has been created by Pastasfuture.
  • The game concept is all about a dark night, where you are running away from unknown and unnamed horrors. How you get through the night is what this short game is all about.
  • You need to escape using a skateboard, and you need to learn how to navigate on sidewalks and the roads while avoiding vehicles.
  • There are buildings that suddenly come at you, and you must be prepared to evade all the obstacles in your way.
  • The game is procedurally generated that makes it interesting and allows you to replay it many times; so, you can enjoy a different experience each time.

Game Trailer

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