What’s So Special About ‘Out of Space?’

About the game

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Out of Space is an online space game that is available in the multiplayer mode. While most space games are based on space travel, exploration, and space wars, this one is slightly different. The game is based in space on a spaceship. You share the spaceship with others, and the game is all about living with others on the spaceship. It is a relaxed game that you can play to enjoy yourself with friends. It is not just about living with others but involves strategies. There is planning to be done and decisions to be taken that affect the game progress.

Out of Space is a game created by Indie game development company Behold Studios. This company is based out of Brasilia and has been making games for many years. Knights of Pen & Paper and Chroma Squad are some of its earlier successful games. This space strategy game was released in February 2020. It is available on the Windows platform and iOS. It is also available on Steam.


The game plot, characters, and storyline

You play this game along with friends. The game involves a stay aboard a spaceship. More than a spaceship, this is a house in outer space for you to stay. You need to settle down in the house with your friends, get adjusted to the environment, and start planning for your life in outer space. As you would expect, life in outer space is not so easy. There are many challenges, the biggest one being an alien attack. You need to gear up to take on the aliens, in whatever form they come.

This is your home, and you need to make the spaceship look like a home. To create a comfortable home, you need many resources, and the game offers you options to create these resources. Here’s where you need to work with your friends to generate the resources needed for your space home. There are technologies available for you to use and new technologies in the pipeline. You need to plan on how to use these technologies to create a sustainable home in space that allows you to live happily.

The gameplay


Since this game is played with friends, it offers co-operative gameplay. Playing with friends is definitely fun, and you can have a good time playing this as a couch-fun game. There are decisions to be taken and strategies to be made. Any mistake you commit here will affect your game. Decision-making thus plays a key role in this game. Your spaceship is not a fixed home and needs ‘power’ to run. You can make use of the alien goo to fuel your spaceship. You can even create gardens that give you food to sustain yourself. If you don’t like the idea of playing with friends in a multiplayer mode, don’t worry; you can even play this game in the single-player mode.


You need to keep the spaceship clean, and it calls for a lot of work. Cleaning the spaceship and harvesting all that you grow does not need manual effort. You can do it easily by building robots. Automate tasks and have fun. Sit back and relax, while technology does its thing. You can even keep a pet and have fun watching it play. The game is not just about cleaning and harvesting; there are other quests to complete. There are missions, each of which has interesting things to do. There are no weapons in this game; all you need are mops to clean away the enemy from your spaceship.

The game features

The following features tell you what’s so special about Out of Space:

  • This is a game that you can play in single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • In the multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends and engage in co-operative gameplay.
  • The game is a strategy game based on a spaceship. In this game, you live on a spaceship with your friends and need to complete various missions on-board.
  • There are no star-wars types of combats but simple quests to get rid of aliens.
  • You can create resources and grow vegetables, fruits, and other things you need. You can automate work by creating robots.
  • Being a strategy game, there are decisions to be taken. The effect of these decisions will have an impact on the gameplay.
  • The ultimate aim of the game is to create a sustainable home in space where you and your friends can stay comfortably.

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