Why Cuphead is Not Meant for the Faint-Hearted

About the game

Cuphead is a classic game of the run and gun genre featuring action. The game draws heavily from cartoon shows of the 1930s, and the graphics, animation, and the soundtrack are inspired by the same techniques. Hand-drawn cel animation is used to create the graphics, along with a watercolor background. The music uses a jazz soundtrack from that era. The game has been developed by Studio MDHR, an indie development company based in the USA. The game is available on top platforms like Steam, Mac, Windows 10, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch.

The style of animation used in the game is referred to as ‘rubber hose animation.’ The endearing animation is one of the highlights of this game. The game has a tagline that reads ‘Don’t deal with the devil.’ The game involves multiple levels, which you need to complete by fighting with enemy bosses. The objective of the game is for you, Cuphead, to pay your debt to the devil. The game was a huge success for its great animation and difficult gameplay. The game sold five million copies since its release.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

Cuphead is the name of the main character in this game. Cuphead is, well, a cup! Yes, the main characters are animated cups, and you need to play the game from their perspective. The game is sent on an island known as Inkwell isles. Cuphead and his brother Mugman live with the Elder Kettle. The brothers decide to have some fun and drop into a casino known as Devil’s Casino. The Devil makes a deal with them where if they win, they take all the money the casino has; if they lose, they have to give their souls to the devil.

They lose the game, and the devil gives them time till next midnight to collect the debts that are due from all the Devil’s debtors, failing which he would take their soul. The Elder Kettle gives them the power to fire from their fingers to fight with debtors to collect their soul contracts. The game involves fighting with debtors to take their contracts. Finally, the brothers have to decide what to do with the contracts. They don’t trust the devil; they need to make a decision on whether to hand over the contracts to the devil and trust he will spare them, or fight and defeat him and free all the debtors.

The gameplay

The animation in the 30s-style makes it look as though the game is a fun game that is easy to play. This is not so; the game involves a lot of action and is not one for the faint-hearted. There are multiple levels in the game, and within the levels, there are mini-levels. The main highlight of the game is the fight with various bosses. An attractive feature of the game is the variety in the fights. The action is fast and never boring. Each boss needs new tactics to defeat. There are all sorts of enemies, including rocket-throwing frogs.

You have a super attack feature with you and have a bonus power. To ace this game, you need to figure out how to use this combination effectively. As you fight, you will get new abilities that you can use to fight tougher enemies. One of the tough aspects of this game is that you don’t see health bars and have no idea how much time it needs to beat the enemies. The thrill you get when you defeat the boss and hear the knockout music is satisfying. It is a very hard game where there are no second chances; this is why the game is not for the weak-hearted.

The game features

Cuphead is not meant for the faint-heart, and these are the game features:

  • The game is a tough and punishing one where you can be knocked out easily. You need to use tactics to ace this game.
  • You need to understand how to use your weapons and abilities in the best possible way.
  • The game is available in both single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • Master super moves and unlock secrets to help you win this game easily.
  • The game art style uses cartoon animation inspired by the Disney original series. The art and music settings are from the 1930s, making it endearing.

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