Why Should You Definitely Play Royal Crown?

About the game

Royal Crown is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Game), which takes players on a fantasy adventure. The game specifically belongs to the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). The game features multiplayer gaming, where up to 60 players get together on a battlefield and fight it out to claim the royal crown. There is also a single-player mode that allows players to play alone if they so wish. The game is an action game that has RPG elements in it. They can select a character class and play and keep making strategies to progress in the game.

Royal Crown has been created by the developers Meerkat Games. This is an entertainment firm located in New York. The game is being published by LINE Games, who have previously published games like Exos Heroes, First Summoner, and Ross Chronicler. The game is still under development and is available in Early access mode on Steam. Players who play in the early access mode will be able to give feedback that would be included in the final game. The game is expected to be released sometime in 2020.

Story and Plot

Royal Crown is a survival game in a fantasy world. It involves the story of the main character who has to battle it out and remain standing to win the crown. There is no elaborate storyline in it. The game is basically action carried out in a multiplayer arena. You need to choose among the 15 different character classes that are available. This gives the game an RPG touch. Each of the character classes in the game has abilities that they can use. Once you select the character class, you start fighting. The game involves battles with other players, where you use a combination of strategy and your abilities to defeat others. The end objective of the game is to survive and defeat everyone to win the crown.


There are two modes available in the game. One is a solo mode and the other squad mode. Solo mode is the single-player version of the game. This is where you play on your own. In the squad mode, you join hands with other players to play as a team. This version has many advantages as you can pair up with others and use your combined strategies to take on your opponents. If your squad wins, then you win. As you play the game, you can hunt and kill the assorted monsters that are available. All these kills add to your record, and you gain power. Like most RPGs, there is crafting involved in the game. You can find different ingredients as you explore the map. Craft the ingredients to create more powerful resources that can help you win combats, giving you a greater chance of lifting the crown.

The gameplay involves strategies. You can play an ambush, where you hide in a bush and then take your enemy by surprise. You can even clear a path by cutting down trees to reach your enemy. There are different strategies and multiple abilities that you can use while playing the game. As you keep playing, your opponents will be dropping dead one by one. This makes the game tougher as the best players remain. There is also a dragon somewhere in the game sleeping. If you wake the dragon, then woe betide! The game supports cross-platform play so you can play with someone who is playing the game on a mobile app or on a PC. The game has generated sufficient curiosity for fans of this genre.

The game features

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The following are the features that tell you why you should play Royal Crown:

  • This is a massive multiplayer game, where you can take on others to win the royal crown. You can play on your own or team up to make a group of 3 to take on opponents.
  • The game is set in a fantasy world with monsters, dragons, and other creatures.
  • The game has RPG elements, and you need to select a character to start off. You can craft new abilities and upgrade your character skills to become more powerful.
  • You need to employ strategies to be able to defeat your opponents.
  • You can explore the map to kill monsters and find new ingredients to upgrade yourself.
  • The game objective is to be the last one(team) surviving.

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