You Should Definitely Play RiME on Switch. Here’s Why

About the game

Rime (branded as RiME) is an adventure video game that features the story of a boy on a mysterious island. A spirit in the form of a fox guides the boy around the island and helps him in his quests in this single-player game. The game featuring multiple puzzles is developed by Tequila Works. The developers are an indie development company based in Spain. They are well-known as creators of the game Deadlight. The game has been published by Grey Box and was released in May 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. The game has been created using the Unreal engine.

There is an interesting story about how the game got this unique name. The game was initially developed for Microsoft and was called Echoes of Siren. This was a completely different game and was later dropped by Microsoft. The developers re-looked at the game and created a new storyline for the game. They then had discussions with Sony, who were interested in the game being released exclusively for the PlayStation. Since Sony had a game called Forbidden Siren, it was decided to change the name of the game. The name Rime came from the ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner.’ Since the game theme resonated with the poem, they decided to rename the game as Rime and gave it a branding touch by selling it as RiME.

RiME on Switch

While the game was released for Nintendo in May 2017, it was not released on Switch, and many users eagerly awaited its release for the Switch. The game received positive reviews from fans and critics. Eurogamer even listed the game in the Top 50 games of the year. The developers decided to release the game on Switch, and for this, they worked with Australian gaming company Tantalus Media who ported the game on to the Switch platform. The game was released on Switch in November 2017. Initially, some users expressed disappointment with the frame rate leading to poor resolution. An update released satisfied most users.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The game characters

There are two main characters in the game. One is a boy who is the central character of this game. The boy who is stranded on the island is alone. To help him is a spirit guide in the form of a fox, which is the other character seen in the game. The entire game revolves around the two characters. There is a third character, a man in a red cape who the boy sees but does not get to meet. The boy’s father is shown in the game in a flashback mode towards the end.

Storyline and plot

The game starts with a boy being washed ashore on an island. The background story of the boy is shown in a flashback during the game. The boy and his father were in a boat when they got stuck at sea because of a massive storm. The storm washed the boy’s father away; the boy tried to clutch on to his red dress but missed, and his father was lost in the sea. The boy gets swept away and ends up on an island alone. The island is mysterious, and there is no one on the island. A tower towers over the skyline and is the only thing the boy can see.

A fox then comes to help the boy, and they together explore the island trying to get to the tower. The fox helps the boy and is a part of his journey. There are many puzzles before the boy, and he needs to solve these puzzles to move ahead. The boy needs to move to the central tower and reach the top of the tower – which is the end goal of the game. The tower has five parts, which is represented as the five stages of grief, and he finally reaches the top of the tower, at which time there is a twist in the game with a conclusion that tugs at your heart.

The gameplay elements

This is a single-player game played from a third-person point of view. As the game player, you need to control the boy and help him reach the tower. The boy can walk, run, climb mountains and trees, carry things, and move objects around. The boy can talk, sing, and scream, and these have a part to play in the gameplay. There are doors to be opened or moved, and the boy has to solve puzzles to make it happen. All these are needed to climb the huge tower. There are levels within the game that need to be completed to move ahead.

The puzzles are interesting and involve many things, including playing around with shadows. You need to explore the island to be able to reach your destination. As you move around, you will find different forms of wildlife with whom you can interact. There are also items hidden in different places that you can find to help you in the game. And of course, the fox is with you at all stages in the game to help you until the end, when you have to bid farewell to it. That is when you realize it is a spirit, and it goes away.

The gameplay

While the game involves exploration with a specific goal, you are allowed to stray from the path that is shown before you. Originally the game was intended to be an open-world game but was changed later. The developers allowed a bit of open-world exploration, allowing you to enjoy the scenery and, in the process, find many collectible items. Coming to the puzzles, these are environmental puzzles that need out-of-the-box thinking to solve in most cases. Some of the puzzles are tough to solve, and you need to think hard to crack the puzzle and proceed ahead in the game.

The collectibles are interesting and offer you an incentive to look for them. You may be disappointed as most of the collectibles are not helpful. However, at the end of the game, you will understand how the collectibles are of use. The game takes you through many locations, some of which are exotic and which you will enjoy. The properly done animation and the soundtrack make the game experience a pleasant one that you will enjoy. There are ancient ruins that await you to explore them, and there would be secrets and collectibles awaiting you in these ruins.

There are four areas within the island that you can explore in the game. As you play, you will realize that all the four are distinct areas, and you may feel you are playing four different games since the areas are not exactly connected. They are like zones within the game, and you need to move through each of the zones until you reach your destination. The camera in the game is set perfectly, and you will enjoy the views in the game. The game has autosave enabled, so you need not worry about losing your progress due to an outage. While you can play this game in the handheld mode and enjoy it, you will find it more engrossing to play on the television. It gives you a truly immersive experience.

Game features

RiME is a game on Switch that you must play. Here are the reasons why you must do so:

  • RiME is an adventure puzzle game set in a mysterious island, where the main character is a boy lost at sea.
  • This is a single-player game created by Tequila Works released for the Switch a few months after its release on other platforms.
  • There was initial negative feedback of the game because of the frame per rate problem. The developers released an update that fixed this, improving the resolution.
  • The game involves the boy’s journey through the island to reach the central tower.
  • A fox helps the boy in his quest and guides him through the journey until he reaches the end.
  • The tower itself is the symbolic representation of sorrow and grief, which relates to the boy’s story when he lost his father at sea.
  • Once the game is over, and the boy reaches the end, the game turns around, revealing a surprising ending that will leave you with lots of emotions.


RiME is an interesting game featuring a boy who is trapped in a mysterious island. The game involves beautiful graphics and soundtrack. There are many interesting puzzles throughout the game that need to be completed to finish it. The game-ending is truly the highlight of this game. As you finally complete the game, a surprising twist awaits you, and we guarantee it will create a tsunami of emotions in your mind. You must play this game for this great ending.

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