Your Guide to Mastering Destiny 2

Gaming giant Bungie’s much-awaited offering – Destiny 2 – has been out for more than a year. If you’re excited about picking this game up and exploring the brand new adventures that Bungie and the Destiny franchise have to offer, then this strategy guide is a must-read.

Destiny 2 is bigger and more complicated than its predecessor, and you’ll certainly appreciate these pointers, tips, and info.

Foundational information for new gamers

Choosing classes

If you’re new to the Destiny series, you’ll need to start by first choosing a class for yourself. These classes are like your group/persona in the game. There are three classes – Warlocks (powerful wizards), Hunters (fast and stealthy scouts), and Titans (strong defenders). All of them can use most of the weapons on Destiny 2, and they have their unique weaponry as well. You can create multiple characters and switch between classes to experience every facet of the game.

Destiny 2 has introduced sub-classes in each of the three primary classes. Once you complete a series of quests, public events, and lost sectors, you will be awarded your sub-class.

Leveling up & powering up

Originally, there were 20 levels in Destiny 2 (25 in the Curse of Osiris game). To level up, players needed to keep playing and gain more experience. Then they would automatically be bumped up to the next level.

But now, Bungie has decided to close the gap between serious players and the not-so-serious, to create better gameplay. Players start at Level 0, and every character starts with a base power of 750. This power increases or decreases based on the cumulative power of the weaponry your character carries. The more raids, strikes, events, and matches you participate in, and the more weapons you collect, the faster your power will increase. If you’d like to infuse more power to one of your weapons, you can infuse other weapons into the weapon of your choice and increase its base power and aesthetics.

Additionally, the game now offers all skill trees, extra perks, and super abilities to all characters, irrespective of their experience and power. Now you can channel your entire resources into taking on the game’s tricky challenges.


Destiny 2 offers various activities that players need to complete to power up and finish the game.

Public Events is a team game that involves either defending or defeating another team to achieve a common group objective. Loot and rewards are shared.

Crucible involves a one-on-one or group-to-group fight. These fights help you earn more supers, unlock greater rewards, and increase your power.

Strikes are the ultimate match to the death (and regeneration). They are chaotic and bloody, and they end only when a single player/team is left standing.

Raids are the most complicated and most rewarding game on Destiny 2. Characters need to explore new lands, fight-off enemies, loot the places they visit, and achieve various goals to unlock gear and rewards. It takes a team of six players to win a raid. There are various raids on Destiny 2 – Last Wish, Leviathan, Spire of Stars, Crown of Sorrows, Eater of Worlds, and Scourge of the Past.

Apart from these, there are many seasonal games, character-specific missions, and a host of other minor games-within-games as well.


There are five types of gear that players need to collect:

  • White – Common, easily available.
  • Green – Slightly uncommon, but can be found with minor participation in games.
  • Blue – Rare, difficult to find.
  • Purple – Legendary, very powerful, and extremely difficult to get hold of.
  • Yellow – Exotic; you’ll be lucky to find these super-rare gears.

Gameplay strategy for Destiny 2

Starting the play

Players can’t access the games on Destiny 2 by just visiting the destinations; they need to visit the map interface – Director – to choose the activities they wish to participate in. If you’re interested in going multi-player with your game, you can visit either Crucible or Gambit – offering player vs. player matches – and then start your game. Dungeons, raids, and strikes are also available on the Director. For story missions (player vs. environment), players need to visit Chief Shipwright Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar.

Season of Dawn

The adventure starts in Mercury, and players need to help Osiris overcome a few pressing problems.

  • Players start by picking up the 2-hour A Matter of Time quest. You need to talk to NPC/Vendor Ikora Rey to join the quest. But to start the play, you’ll need to do so through the Director.
  • Osiris is at the top of a hill on Mercury. Fight your way to him, and he’ll give you the backstory.
  • Collect the missing pieces of the Sundial by defeating the bipedal humanoids, the Cabal on the Tangled Shore. Solar weapons are the best to kill them.
  • Visit Thieves’ Landing with 50 of the Sundial components and assemble the obelisk.
  • Collect the Orbs of Light to charge the obelisk and activate it. You can find the orbs at public events and lost sectors. You can even create your own orbs using Masterworked weapons. Once the obelisk is activated, you can activate the sundial.
  • Go back to Osiris. Enter the sundial and complete the activity inside. Exit the sundial, and you’ll find a strange object – the Lantern of Osiris (seasonal artifact). Pick it up and bring it back to Osiris.

To get the ritual weapons in this game:

  • Python Energy Shotgun – Complete the Get Closer quest in Gambit mode.
  • Komodo-4FR Linear Fusion Rifle – Play the Crucible’s Heart of the Dragon quest (use a Linear Fusion Rifle).
  • Buzzard Sidearm – Finish the Anything that Moves quest to win this.

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Players gear-up for a fight against the Hive. This story can take up to 12 hours to get through.

  • Start by completing A Mysterious Disturbance mission on the Moon.
  • Collect power from all six sigils on the Hive by standing below them.
  • Drive through Scarlet Keep in a Drake tank and defeat the Nightmare of Crota, Son of Oryx.
  • Make your way to the Sanctuary to convene with Eris Morn.
  • Go back to Scarlet Keep and collect six Phantasmal Particles. Fend-off the Nightmare ogres and return to Eris.
  • Cleanse the Essence of Despair by taking part in public events, patrols, and loots.
  • Go under the surface of the moon and hunt the Nightmare of Omnigul. Receive and charge the Essence of Anguish by completing mini-quests.
  • Collect Hive curios. Fight and kill Hashladun, Daughter of Crota, after completing challenges. Cleanse the Essence of Anguish.
  • Enter Archer’s Line and then Hellmouth and take the Cryptoglyph back to Eris. Power the Lectern of Enchantment.
  • Complete The Nightmare Cometh game and enter the Pyramid. Build your entire Dreambane armor now.
  • Collect and cleanse the Essence of Pride, Essence of Isolation, and Essence of Fear.
  • Take the fast travel point at Sorrow’s Harbor to reach Scarlet Keep and activate the Beyond game. Once you complete this step, you will be awarded the Memory of Sai Mota and Essence of Brutality.
  • Return to the Tower and be rewarded with the Enhancement Prism. Ikora will also award you with an Exotic armor.

Opening the Gate Lord’s Eye – The first column of modifications is accessible immediately. For the second column, you need to activate two mods; for the third column, activate four mods, and so on, until you unlock The Gate Lord’s Eye.

Collect the Jade Rabbit from – Sanctuary, Archer’s Line, K1 Logistics, Anchor of Light, Hellmouth, Sorrow’s Harbor, K1 Revelation, Circle of Bones, Chamber of Night, and Shrine of Oryx.

Getting the weapons:

  • Khvostov 7G-02 – Successfully complete the tutorial mission.
  • Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher –The launcher is your reward for completing the Memory of Sai Mota quest and the Symphony of Death quest after finishing the Shadowkeep campaign.
  • Edgewise Machine Gun – Complete A Loud Racket in Strikes or Nightfalls and win this gun.
  • Trace Rifle – Complete the Garden of Salvation raid and the Divine Fragmentation quest.
  • Randy's Throwing Knife – Finish the Reconnaissance by Fire quest.
  • Exit Strategy – Unlock after completing the Clean Getaway quest.

Defeating the Champions:

  • Barriers: Use The Recluse. (To get this weapon, play From the Mouths of Babes and complete the Crucible Triumph The Stuff of Myth competitive quest. Reach the Fabled Glory rank in Crucible).
  • Overloads: Overload Rounds mods.
  • Unstoppables: Equip the Hand Cannon with an Unstoppable Hand Cannon mod.

Season of Opulence

This is the latest release in the Destiny 2 Franchise and comes with seven quests – Menagerie & Crown of Sorrow, New Menagerie Boss & Truth Quest, New Menagerie Boss & Iron Banner Quest, Menagerie Heroic Mode, Lumina Quest, Tribute Hall & Moments of Triumph, and Solstice of Heroes.

This is a 6-player game. Here are some things you can do in this game:

  • Get the Chalice of Opulence from Emperor Calus, head to Menagerie, and collect the runes to defeat your enemies. Combine different runes to create new weapons.
  • You can even trade the runes for rewards. Trade the Chalice of Opulence for a new currency called Imperial. This currency can also be collected by completing the Benedict 99-40 and Werner 99-40 bounties.
  • Complete games called Triumphs and win bounties to upgrade your Chalice of Opulence.
  • Finish the Statue Garden quest for a chance to unlock the Luxurious Toast emote.
  • To unlock the iconic Hush Pinnacle bow, complete the Hush, Little Baby quest in Gambit mode.
  • Collect the Imperial Chest from these locations – Endless Gate, Maevic Square, Alton Dynamo, Well of Flame, Olympus Descent, Diaviks Mine, Solarium, Chamber of Water, Spine of Keres, Spine Burrows, and Chamber of Sky – gear, runes, and currency up for grabs.

Destiny 2: Decision Point, Allegiance

This game comes with its own set of side-specific quests. But before you get started, you need to pick a side – Vanguard or Drifter.

There’s no wrong choice with this one. But players will get to play slightly-different variations of the same game when they pick one side over the other. Plus, there are some games that are exclusive to each side. This will really switch things up with the gameplay.

Our advice – create two characters and choose a different side for each of your characters. This way, you get to play the entire set of Destiny 2: Decision Point, Allegiance quests.

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