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From today’s Developer Links, you can learn things like what goes into a successful RPG, how to succeed on Kickstarter… and how not to go insane working from home.

Waves: The Postmorteming (Squid In A Box)
“On Monday Waves sold it’s 15,000th copy during it’s Daily Deal on Steam. That’s not bad for a game that’s been out a little under 6 months and was made mostly by just one man. So with 20k copies looking very far away indeed right now it seems like a good time for a look back at Waves to see what went right and what went wrong.”

SpyParty At Evo 2012 Pics! (SpyParty)
“I’m back from Evo, and finally mostly rested.  It was a lot of fun!  I had no idea what to expect and so I went in with no expectations, and that’s good, because it turned out to be quite different from previous playtests. The show floor was a small part of the overall event, and the main focus was obviously on the competition, so attendees were able to enjoy the Indie Showcase titles without the long lines that always happen at PAX. For SpyParty, this meant people could play for longer, come back more often, and explore more of the game’s depth.”

Independence & Control Vs. Productivity (
“if I rely entirely on middleware and someone else’s engine (Unity + EZ-GUI + some sound stuff + whatever) I can be extremely productive. I don’t waste any time wondering about correct vertex buffer creation flags or optimising sprite rendering, i can just work on the game. But then when there is a bug in EZ-GUI or a feature missing from Unity, I am totally screwed. Suddenly I’m coding what they support, not what I want to create. Similarly in business, if I rely entirely on steam for my sales, I don’t waste any time worrying about website design, visitor numbers, bounce-rates, chargebacks or coupon/discount processing, no worries about web server stability, demo download speeds, CDNs and other fluff. I can just work on the game.”

Ugly Baby Darkish July Shots (Dejobaan Games)
“Here’s what we’ve been working on over the past week. First up, the “Arc Complex” — a tunnel of vertical slabs surrounding a column of sliced washers:”

How To Succeed On Kickstarter (AltDevBlogADay)
Kickstarter is the hot new word in indie gaming and beyond. Inspired by the successes of Tim Schaffer’s DoubleFine campaign and many others, countless aspiring game developers have taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for their game. Yet many of these game developers are seeing their projects fail to raise funding, and without serious celebrity status it’s hard to generate significant interest about your project. I’m a member of the Stanford Graduate School of Business mailing list, and last week there was a question about how to effectively use Kickstarter as a game studio. What resulted was a treasure trove of valuable advice, which I wanted to summarize for everyone below.”

Firefox Audio Canplay Bugs (Lost Decade Games)
“We’re getting geared up to launch our new game Lunch Bug, so we’ve (finally) been testing the game more thoroughly in browsers other than Google Chrome. In the process, it looks like I may have found a few audio bugs in Firefox.”

How Not To Go Insane While Working From Home (AltDevBlogADay)
“You’d think the transition from a regular, office job to one working out of your home would be an easy one. No boss micromanaging you, no set hours, no dress-code, no phones ringing, etc, however the transition from office peon to home office productivity machine wasn’t a smooth transition for me. I thought I’d take a moment to share a few of the things that help my productivity as an indie developer working from home, and help retain my sanity while doing it. It’s also an exercise for me to reaffirm some of these things I may be slipping on as I fall into unproductive habits while work continues on our newest title, Vex Blocks! :)”

What The Witcher Taught CD Projekt About RPGs (Gamasutra)
“In this interview, key staff members from CD Projekt RED take a moment to discuss the upcoming sci-fi RPG, detailing how the studio approaches its licensed properties and adapts them to an interactive medium. Along the way, the team reflects upon The Witcher series, noting what it got right, where it went wrong, and how the games have affected the studio’s plans for the years ahead.”

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